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Discussion in 'General' started by killermaxwell, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I smoked an L with my boy last night and watched TV blazed as fuck. That 70's show was on and it was funny as shit still but it bugged me so much that they had fake laughter and shit.

    Like the same exact laugh tracks every time, like barley anything funny would happen and they'd laugh, barley funny laugh, something really funny, laugh then end the segment.

    IDK it's just kinda lame but now that I think about it it wouldn't be as funny without it...

  2. I guess they think the average person needs to be told when to laugh. It annoys me as well. I think there's a name for these types of shows. Correct me if Im wrong.
  3. Sitcom? Idk.. like it's funny as shit but when you realllllyyy think about it the thinks that the people say wouldn't be funny at all 90% of the time without the laugh track.
  4. I've watched shows like Arrested Development and The Office (both funny shows without laugh tracks) with other people and they just do not notice the jokes

    There's a different comedic timing to a show like that, different things you have to look for
  5. yeah... like that 70's show is a great show but I can't tell if i'm laughing because of the laughter or because it's funny because when i think about it without the tracks it wouldn't be that funny.
  6. The worst offender by far is Everybody Loves Raymond, I swear half of that fuckin' show is just the laugh track playing while the cast stands around looking awkward. Terrible show, though I guess the grandpa says funny shit once in a while

    I have noticed this as well. Some people are just too dumb to notice the jokes and laugh, they need a laugh track to tell them when something is funny. Arrested Development in particular seems to go right over people's heads, I guess that's why it got cancelled.
  7. I never really pay attention to the laugh tracks.. If its funny I laugh, if I dont find it funny I dont laugh... I actualy didnt even realize the office didnt have a laugh track until the dude above said that.

  8. Agree.
  9. I was just thinking how awesome it would be to own a laugh box, that can either laugh or boo whenever
    your friend says or does something retarded. Im sure it would be hilarious for the first hour, then everyone would want to destroy it if it went on any longer than that. :smoke:
  10. I had something like that when I was younger, my friend had one of those little toy push to record and I would do a quick annoying laugh real and him both thought it was pretty funny though using it all the time for everything over and over and annoying and annoying
  11. that 70s show is funny as hell when tripping

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