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Discussion in 'General' started by Gloom, May 30, 2009.

  1. This thread has become quite popular in other forums I visit, so maybe GC will like it too.

    Pretty much share your latest thought. :)
    (Whatever it is)

    I'll start.

    LT: I am very high. :smoke:
  2. I'm going to go wash my hands so I can hold my snake.
  3. Look and see through your eyes
    Through your false and your disguise
    I'll be there when you turn around
    Just look out, you can hear that sound
    You tell me?
    You tell me!?
    Its my life!
    Open up and surely fade
    Through this grass and through this haze
    Found my place
    Through this maze
    Come back now and surely fade
    Realize me and do the same
    Lead this life away
    It sometimes feels
    And feels mistakened
    Shades I feel
    And shades I've felt
    this boredom
    And overdose inside your mind
    Watch me
    Feel bright inside
    Watch it
    Break inside.
  4. I Am So Fucking Happy :D
  5. i have a severe case of the munchies, but im too stoned to get up and go get something to eat
  6. I love my life. Must plan my road trip, maybe call it CaliTour 09.
  7. It's fucking summer :smoke:

    latest latest thought, I'm going to go smoke a bowl. At 3 in the morning :smoke:
  8. LT: I keep getting bitten by something at night...
  9. i feel like shit LOL
  10. I really want a nice oatmeal raisin cookie, or go skateboarding.

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