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Latest Pickup: Juicyfruit (PIC: 1024 x 768)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by enfiladeDTS, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. Great sativa high, with noticeable fruity taste and smell. I pick up grams of this for $20.

  2. nice pickup dude! never had juicyfuit, but i bet is great shit. im smokin on some bubbleberry right now and it is amazing too:smoke:
  3. :smoke: mmm Delicious enjoy
  4. I'v had Juicy F once the guy we bought off a friend of a friend said it was Juicy Fruit and it was def nice an fruity good high aswell. I perfer Juicy Fruit over Mango and mango crossed strains so far.
  5. So it is just my opinion but sounds like just another tasty puff flavor since when was pots supposed taste like a brand of gum ?? me I am wary of all those flavorishous strains unless I know grower ... to many folks out passing turd weed of with a spray off da ole tasty P. ..... why I avoid purps and berries too many folks think if it taste grape it's gr8 but not me..lolz


    what's next all dem lil critters now not gonna taste like chicken ....
  6. there is definitely a distinct taste and smell to true juicy fruit. i've never experienced a dealer doing that^^. most of the time if he says it's blueberry, it looks and tastes like every other blueberry weed i've had. if he says JF then its JF. if it ain't nothin name brand, it's dank
  7. Exactly! :smoke:
  8. Well all I am saying is why dont weed taste like weed anymore every thing gotta be blueberry this lemon that just seems to be about the taste anymore and the image not about the high .... just my opinion and as for the tasty puff was only a warning , I know folks that have bought nugg's that been inhanced so to speak and if no one is doing it why tasy puff have best yr for sales last yr ???
  9. Nice weed. I was actually smoking on some juicy fruit this morning, that stuff is the shit.

  10. Thats the progression of the herb my friend. Years, and years of effort, hardwork, love, and dedication brings you what you smoke today..

    Why suffer smoking generic tasting herb, if you can selectively breed, and create high quality herb that satisfies all the senses. It feels good, taste good, looks amazing, and smells good enough to eat. It's about the whole package for some, not just catching a buzz. Those who cant and wish they could I guess buy tastee puff

    THIS is the HERB The GOVERNMENT warns yah about;) Even during war times the herb as progressed to levels unimaginable.. Imagine what could be done if as much effort was put into establishing, and developing it!! strains for cancer, aids, headaches, pms, all this is being developed by growers in closets, and tiny outdoor plots... Fuck that we should reverse the roles and export our shit, and erase this fuckin deficit, and poor healthcare system we got going here.. No doubt I'd wager some of the best in the world is in your backyard...

    sorry for ramblin in your thead bro.. nice herb;)
  11. If Mr. Postman gives you some advice. Take it like Jimi Hendrix giving you guitar lessons. :)
  12. I took a couple hits off some Juicy Fruit about a month and a half ago and it smelt and tasted like juicy fruit. I suspected that it might be enhanced with some type of flavoring as well but my friend said that it was the real deal. I know I was high as hell off of 3 hits. Im use to smoking brick weed and this was definately something different and thats why I believ that it really could be the real deal. Anyway it was good to say the least.:smoke:
  14. It was definitely juicy fruit. I smelled and tasted it. It wasn't the strongest smell of the gum, but it was noticeable. Nonetheless great bud that should be steady around my area for a little bit.

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