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  1. While enjoying a wake and bake this morning, i found 2 seeds in my bag. I really want to start growing next year. But anyways, i started germinating those seeds right now. Will i have any success growing and harvesting a plant, if i start right now? i live in southern ontario.
  2. better grow them inside your house bro. otherwise you just wasted seeds:(
  3. well i have a box. i just need to finish it i guess.
  4. idk why that guys is sayn its a waste of seeds.. if you do what i say or somewhat follow it you could still probs get hafo to a 0z

    plant in ground knee deep 1-2 feet wide hole

    organic potting soil


    dont train the plant just let it do its thing you dont want to halt growth at all this late not even lst

    just try and make your soil mix really airy because that means that it will dry out faster wich means that you can use nutes more often

    foiler spray

    and try to give it as much DIRECT sun as possible.. like if you can get direct sun from 8-9 in the morning till 3-4 in the afternoon that would be perfect... you can also use full day sun from like 9 in the morning till 7 at night but youll have to water more...

    i have a 6 foot plant going ri now but i also have a little plant with only 4 main heads. i except to get around 1-2 oz of the small plant

    southern ontario you will see flowering start anywhere from augest 1 - 20th bust most likley around the 14th ... so just stick er outside make sure you dont have any lights in your back yard on when its dark out LITERALLY NO LIGHTS and your golden

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