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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by mumblingass, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. OK guys I read allot on this form but never realy post until now. I have started my own plants about 1 mounth ago and they are about 5-6 inches tall. I am useing a blue "plant Light" that is a whoping 50 watts but right now I have them out side....When winter comes around I am gonna put them down in my basement in a crawl space where my mom can't find them. My question is will my 50 watt lamp support them until budding? I know I am gonna force budding when my plants (2 plants) get to about 2 feet...or can I force it sooner? Baseicaly I need my plants to be grown and budded ASAP so I don't run the risk of being cault for so long. What is the smallest light soarce I can get by with? And how long will my plants take to bud after I force them 2?
    Thanx for any input guys!
  2. if you have to hide this from your mom, im guessing youre living with her, if she doesnt know or support what youre doing, id give it a couple more years till i had my on spot. its not very hard to see what your kids been up to on the home pc.
  3. hey dude I'm 18 and she knows I smoke but I don't want her to know that I am growing that's all. It's for her own good because if she found out she would be more dis-apointed then dad already knows and he was cool wit it. Then I moved in wit my mom ya know.
  4. well if she knows you smoke, than tell her you would rather grow your own then support terrorism or some bullshit. she'll get over disapointment, because she'd respect your straight forwardness.
  6. okay to answer your question, youre just setting yourself up for failure, basically youre not working with enough light. youll need at least a 70 watt hps for flowering to get what i like to call "nugz" not floro born airy "puffs"

    so no. sorry. :)

  7. well said. to many threads go off topic like this and it amazes me how many law breakers (pot smokin/growin ppl) get all high and mighty (no pun intended) when some1 does somthing they dont.

    a white fluro wud b betta than the "plant lite", they aint a lot of good 4 wot u want. a white will give u more light and the red thats missin from ur blu lite, it looks blu cus it dont have red, the whites have a good blend of all colours.

    a small HPS wud b a good idea.

    oh and just to add my2p's worth to the mom chat. ur 18, wud b cool if u cud sit and chat with ur mum about things like this. if u act responseable (moms love that word) then she mite give u a shot at this and even if she dont its gonna soffen the blow when u do get caught.
  8. OK well I dug up a new light it's a 15 watt Do-it light labeled HWI will this light do anything for my plants?

    Oh and my mom wouldn't flip she would just kill my little girls....I can't have that happen now can I? ANyway my grow room is in such a remote part of my house she will never find it...I just have to water my plants at night when she's sleeping that's all.

  9. hey all i was doing was helping him realize he needs to respect his mothers home. if you were refering to me "gettin all whatever" im full aware of the risks I take and what all is involved if the untalkable happened. his post came off as if he had to hide this from his mom and she found it she'd have his ass thrown in jail.


    ps if the worse she'll do is rip em up, have that talk with her. she will understand you and respect you more. believe us.

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