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Late Night Smoking

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jasonm420, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. So recently i got some really dank shit, and i cant really smoke during the day time because of my social life and other variables. so I smoke at night. How ever, i have a smoke room away from my house, and i am alone in it. i like to stay up untill around 2 just smoking and watching family guy.
    but i just cant stay awake.
    i end up falling asleep around 11 or so and i feel like its just wasting my smoke.
    so how can i stay up longer, and what are some fun things to do alone, besides watch tv.
    i've already had a smoke session over the phone..

  2. Caffeine does the trick for me.  Vaping will also not give you as much of a stoney drowsy high.

    I would recommend listening to some sweet albums while your blazed, blazing and music go hand in hand for me.
  3. Sativa or hybrid strains. Maybe you've been smoking some Indica
  4. I used to be a sleepyhead while smoking but just suddenly changed. Firstly, I guess you're tired when you start smoking and do whatever you would normally do to stay awake, coffee, move around more etc. Secondly, what I think did the trick for me was to changed my attitude towards smoking, instead of seeing being high as getting into yourself, letting myself fully relax and letting myself disappear into an almost meditating state I started to see it as something waking me up, wanting to try new things and try everything in life again but with another vision of life living a normal life but being high, even doing normal boing chores with a pumped up attitude.
    You see, when you let yourself sink into a deep, relaxing, dreaming condition you're actually just letting yourself falling asleep! 
    Or, try to just changed your routine. Might be difficult but think about it, you can always go back to your old routine and you might be more awake then
  5. listen to music while playing video games or doing some work, chill on grasscity, watch interesting videos on youtube, watch cerebral mind blowing movies, watch interesting documentaries, go outside, etc.
  6. Smoke less.  But consistently. A small hit every 20-30 minutes
  7. Shit ton of caffeine son.
  8. its depends on the strain for me.

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