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  1. i know ive seen this question before but never retained the information.
    i have a plant late in flowering (about 9 weeks).
    My question is if i change my light cycle from 12 to 12, to 13 hours off to 11 hours on will that help the buds ripen faster?
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    Has anyone ever tried this, or even if you haven't do you think it would or would not work.
    My theory is the plant will think winter is coming sooner by the longer dark period.
    any opinions are cool, im not looking for hard facts necessarily. (also the reason i ask is one of my plants is dying faster than i want. Ill be harvesting it in 2 weeks and i want it slightly more done)

  3. Yes,reducing a flowering plant's light on time will speed up the process at a cost of some yield.

    Make sure you flush the soil for 10-14 days prior to harvesting.;)

    As will adding time=longer flowering and more yield.

  4. Thanks thats all i needed to know. i was beginning to think i wasn't going to get a reply.
  5. Sometimes it takes days,not in JCJ's thread....where you also posted.;)
  6. yes do a 10/14 to finish faster, & a 14/10 to make them go longer, but only for the last 2wks

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