late flower, yellow leaves, normal?

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    Hey all, this plant has given me a bit of trouble right from the start, the one I've got outside in soil is showing signs of a male. the strain all together has been pretty random. its a Dwarf low flyer

    Just curious if its normal for the plant to start turning yellow toward the end of its life? I think I only have maybe 2 weeks max left of flower. the top of the plant is turning yellow.

    using flora 3 part, calmag, armorSI, ph is run at 6.0 ppm 350ish right now. in a DWC.

    should mention at the beginning of flower she had a nitrogen toxicity which I believed locked out the cal mag. I cut the nutrients in Half at that point and ran them that way the rest of the grow.

    thanks everyone,

  2. Yellowing is normal for end of life plants. But they yellow from the bottom up.
    You still have some issues with your root zone. You are close enough to finishing that you should be able to limp them to the line. It is unlikely that you are going to get much more yield even if you correct the problem.

    If your trichs are all cloudy with a few turning amber, you are entering the range of viable harvest. The more amber trichs, the more couchlock your product.
    If you have to harvest early, a 4 week jar cure will really help salvage potency.
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    thanks for the reply, yea I never could find the sweet spot with the nutes on this one.

    I got toxicity running at 1/2 strength and ran into this deficiencies running at 1/3 rd strength.

    trichs are almost all still clear right now.

    following the flora series chart at 1/3rd strength right now.

    3 gallons of water.
    -2ml ArmorSI
    -2.5ml CALiMAGic
    -7.5ml Flora Micro
    -0ml Flora Grow
    -15ml Flora Bloom
    -PH down to 6.0

    is the yellow because its low on nitrogen? should I mix a new batch of nutrients with more flora grow/micro?
  4. There are a lot of folks that toss around "toxicity" and "deficiencies" without really getting where they come from.
    In most cases what is diagnosed as toxicity or deficiencies are actually pH swing. They present the same.
    Being that you are so close to harvest, I would suggest nothing but plain water, pH'd to 6.5 for the duration of the grow. Use Phosphoric acid if possible as this will augment the flowering phase.
    First plain watering should be done when they are good and thirsty. Assuming you are in soil, flush until at least half of the water runs out the bottom, carrying away any buildup to be discarded.
  5. No soil. DWC.

    usually I would just flush for 48hrs

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