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last week

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by fullbeardstoner, May 14, 2011.

  1. so on monday i leave in a borrowed car to smoke with my homeboy. come back four hours later blowed off my ass and get kicked out of the house. my in_laws warned me about smoking and i did not listen. i left and to my surprise my parents were cool with me staying over at their house. it was fun. i smoked out my brothers and spent time around their house. chilled and wondered what my girl was doing home alone. my bio dad was in town, went to visit him. visited my cousins. did allot of stuff. got high most of the time. its a life i never lived and i like it. i love being married. i also like to smoke and have a good time. so basically what im saying is. if you are not ready to comply with your father in law dont get married. cause shit gets thick and you want to explode. i hate this. my bud is gone. my paraphanelia, gone. all i have is my wife and daughter.i love them. i do. oh and i came back home. i had to, for the sake of my wife and baby. and imma still smoke my bud. just, not as frequently. hope this goes in this section. lol. i had popcorn bud too. damn it.:confused::cool:
  2. Ask yourself a question,
    does that look like something any one wants to read?

    Answer, no.
  3. Nigha you don't want to read it don't. I aint trying to fuss, I ain't trying to fight. And bitch I bet you single cause your ass can't get a woman. Aha yup. Keep starting crap.
  4. or settle your differences with your father in law like a man instead of taking it up ty he back door.

    i never let my ex's dad get to me until he decided she couldnt see me. hospital visit was delivered to him in his driveway and now we're totally cool with eachother.
  5. you're a really bad shit talker.
    get off of the internet with that its embarrassing.
  6. I don't care how bad my shit talking is. As long as my point is made. :D

  7. You're not hard chill, no ones trying to talk shit.
  8. loooooooooooool
  9. this whole story is ridiculousssss. i'm so high right now i cant take it u fucks. LMAO!
  10. HAHA no kidding man, why would anyone even share this story with a bunch of strangers online? Not to mention you cant spell or use proper grammar..
    And if you have to fight with your in-laws about smoking weed.. stop smoking and buy your own damn place.
    I dont even know what "point" youre trying to make, that you cant work things out with your family?
    Thanks for sharing.
  11. completly off topic but your name reminds me of the episode of seinfeld with the soup nazi.

  12. I freaking love that episode.
  13. Idgaf. I thought coming online to vent was ok. So whatever. Y'all don't know me and I could care less if y'all did. If my grammar and spelling is bad, why do you care? Why don't you come down here in Texas and teach me. I can't be dealing with some nerds behind computers. Venting keeps me sane on my end. Plus bud is in my vains. There is no changing what I'm going thru. So forget all of u haters. Anyway. This is my thread. If you are just gonna come in here and talk crap. Get the f out. The f is for fuck what you're going thru. Lol. I am not trying to disrespect any moderators. Or the peace. So let me vent in peace. I'm sure someone is hearing is hearing me out. Now say something else so I could bring it to your front door like you ordered me. Venting is so much fun. Anyway. I got to go. Have to get back to work. ....... Current status: chill mode. Get mad all you want.
  14. go to "Real life stories" instead of "Stash jar"
  15. Cool man. Did not know. Thanks

  16. lmao.
  17. Haha it was actually based off an old funny asian teacher I used to know.. basically talked the same :p

    And to the OP, Im in San Antonio about 4 hours away, and Im definitely not that dull.. youre kind of an embarrassment to Texans actually. And yeah, it is your thread, in the "stash jar" section, not the "bitch to the world about your stupid problems section."

    Can we get rid of him mods? Im not sure if thats grounds for removal but still...
  18. Funny how people get their feelings hurt so easily. But like I said I did not know I could not post this On this section. I don't care About embarrassing anyone. My whole life I've been embarrassed so it doesn't matter. And for the people that wanna hate go ahead. I'm still

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