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  1. Hey there guys first post so please be gentle. I’m at the end of the first grow in a tent with good equipment and serious effort. I had intended to do 6 lemon haze and I watered the seeds under the tap ! Which was a expensive lesson so I had to use the seeds I had left which I had no idea if I had the same strain so it looks like I have 5 of the same and three random ones that have caused me some issues with height etc. I’m using canna a n b , rock resonator, liquid w8, and canna boost. I’m very happy with the result so far but it’s obvious I needed more light and a different arrangement of the filter and fan. For shade issues. The ones that have had the best light are great and I am very happy so far I have no burn or problems with the plants only the ones that have been further away from the one hps I have used so today to keep the heat down I have put the cfl veg bulb in between the ones that need it and moved a few about. Lollipop for the first time and I have almost done it right but I’m not sure if I have any more options to maximise yields in the last few weeks of flower any help will be awesome so thanks in advance
  2. Sounds like you have the essentials down. To do anything drastic now could stress the plant so I would just keep doing what you are doing and enjoy the last few weeks!
  3. Thanks for the reply I have a few more questions you may be able to answer. Would you recommend it if I was to cut the branches off that are not doing as well as the other bigger ones? I have a few pictures of them to show you if you are interested

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  4. Hey Bro,

    That's up to you. The buds on the top get bigger first and then work downwards as the flowering process begins. They produce smaller sized buds. I found that the trichomes at the top - mature faster than those on a lower branch. So some people cut the top buds off when they are deemed ready and leave the bottom buds to mature now that the bigger buds have been removed.

    So it's up to you on how to proceed. There is no right or wrong way. It's a matter of preference and experience in my opinion. Like with anything, the more you do something, the better you are prepared for the next time! It's okay if you don't yield the most on your first grows. It's a learning curve. The nation's leading produce provider didn't get there over night. It takes years and field-time (practice) to yield the greatest amount.

    Your plants look amazing, flowers look phenomenal. Keep up the great work and maybe try removing the branches on one plant and leave the others so you can determine through the experience, what works for you!

    Have a great weekend Bro
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