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last of the grape ape

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by greenfire, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. i have a couple nugs of some grape ape i got and i was wondering what you guys would use for something special like that. I got everything available to me. vape, bongs, bubblers, i could role a pinner. and i have just cleaned out my favorite dry piece so that is an option as well.
  2. Vape so you can really taste it!
  3. i'd smoke a joint
  4. vape, bong, joint before bed!
  5. Gravity bong
  6. Anal insertion.

    Err vape I mean.
  7. vape or one hit that shit outta the bong! or a couple
  8. joint sounds nice :smoke:
  9. I may be alone but nothing beats a nice clean spoon for taste and no waste.
  10. i would use a waterfall or gravity bong if you don't have one :hello:
  11. Roll a tight j! Properly rolled j's lose very little to side smoke and provide a better THC:tar ratio than vaporizers.

    I've had Grape Ape a handful of times over the past year, and it truly is one of my favorites. Wonderful taste and a cosmic stone. Enjoy!
  12. use the dry piece. There is nothing like enjoying a nice spoon bowl in the safety of your bed ;)
  13. got with vaporizers, most efficient and you get pure taste.

    joints provide have a better THC: tar ratio? I don't see how this is possible. Since there is no combustion when you vaporizing. No combustion means no smoke and only vapor. so im not sure how joints have a better ratio.

    Maybe i missed something, care to elaborate?
  14. Roll a tight j, brah.
  15. just vaped 3 bowls of the grape ape and am now fucked. one was a also layered kiev bowl. holy shit.

  16. this is what i agree with right now.

  17. use a vape, you can get the most out of it that way since its not much

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