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  1. went to my mates place last night cause his parents are away we had a bit of a piss up and we were bongin on and shit and we got these fat sluts over and one was real keen on me so i took her to the bedroom and shagged her and get this, in the middle of humping she let off a barrage of noisy queef farts and she was going like "ohhh omg what is that, im sooo sorry" and cause i was fucked out of my mind i couldnt hold it in and i was just going "baaaaahahahaha".
    she was a fucken fat pig though, worst root of my life i couldnt even blow.

    what are your nightmare stories?
  2. um ahaha wow that is a winner

    I remember one time I was tryin to get this girl around into doggystyle position and he thought I was tryin to stick it in her butt and was all, "No, I don't do that!" She figured it out though ;)
  3. :eek::eek::eek:
  4. i dont have any crazy stories like that, but my best friend in high school did. he was always after this one girl and he finally hooked up. but when she was ridin him and had an orgasm she shit all over him too. lol. i know i know, not her fault, cant control that stuff, yea whatever. wasnt fair to her but it was funny. he called her dirt log the rest of the year.

  6. MY WORD SIR that is a repugnant beast of a sex story. I had a nightmare the other week and me and this girl I've been friends with for years ended up having drunken sex and the condom kept slaying my erection and we both went to bed frustrated as fuck. Saw her once since and it was so awkward.
  7. I fucked my old FWB one time and made her bleed. Wasn't even on her period but when I pulled out there was blood all over the condom.

    Couple of weeks ago I had my gf on the hood of my car. Saying goodbye and stuff to her for the night. Started fingering her and making out and when I stopped for a second and looked at her.... her nose was bleeding. Didn't bleed much but it kinda killed the mood.

    Other than those two stories I can't think of anything really gross.
  8. I don't know if this is a good thing but +rep for you, for making me actually laugh :)

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