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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. Went and ate Chinese last night with the family. It was a new restaurant that the kids hadn't eaten at before. kids get kinda finiky until they try a new place out. momma talked them into trying a Pu-Pu platter (the mix of stuff with the little fire thing) and I started in on the poop jokes. Kids said they wern't going to eat and Mom got mad at me. So finally after she got them ready to try it again I had to go to the restroom to relieve some sake out of me.

    When I got back to the table, The kids said "dad were going to eat the pu-pu platter"

    I said "That's great! I just saw the chef in the bathroom fixing it up! It'll be here just as soon as he gets out of the toilet."

    Well, momma or the kids wqern't happy to hear this. But when the fire came out and the kids got to set their beef teriyaki toothpicks on fire, everybody was fine.
  2. Cool story, friend.
  3. Maybe the most random rambling I've heard on these forums.
  4. Fuck everybody else, that had me cheesing
  5. lol who doesn't make poo jokes about the pu-pu platter. I did too and pissed off the ex. Must be a guy thing.

  6. lmao, pu pu. Chinese food makes me fart.
  7. That's classic and classy!

    (On a side note: Anyone know how to edit/change/add a signature?)
  8. poo poo platter volume 6
  9. Wait you call your wife mom? That's always struck me, as odd.
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  11. [quote name='"HBGBUB"']This thread had no replies in 10 years until today[/quote]

    The powers that be have used extortion and manipulation to bump old threads.
  12. [quote name='"HBGBUB"']This thread had no replies in 10 years until today[/quote]

    Holy shit I didn't even notice. How are people finding these threads to bump them?
  13. LOL just saw the date wtf? Funny

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