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  1. Im sure this has happened to every stoner more than once...
    It all started with a pinner... i just got done smoking that an im an easybake so i was high but not too much... anyways i hungout at the park for a hour and then went home. as soon as i got there i packed that roach and some shake into my pipe an started a late night sesh... after half an hour i had smoked 5 bowls and i was baked, then i walk into the kitchen and im greeted with... Munchies! The best i've ever had hahaha. After i was done munching i went back into my smoke room and loaded a few snappers, next thing you know i was loading bowls with little bits of hash and keif... took 10 minutes to kick in so i thought i was still ok and went for a quick walk... pulled out a joint that i didnt know had a shit ton of hash and keif in it an smoked it... when i got back home took me 5 minutes to open the door and get my shoes off then i had a bedtime bowl with more keif... and that was the best sleep ever...
    anyways moral of the story is do you ever start smoking just a little bit then just keep putting down more and more? i know since im not a heavy smoker i get ripped easy an tend to not give a fuck about anything after that and this usually happens to me when i have a lot of weed, anyone else has this happen to them?

  2. hell yea, for me it's bad when i'm with my friends, because it becomes less of a substance we use to get high and more of an activity. like at home i'll load 3 large snaps in my bowl and be stoned for a while when i'm almost out of weed, but at college i'll smoke 5 bowls with my friends because we just keep loading those suckers up
  3. That's what happens when I drink. I plan on having one, ends up being 6. Then I end up sleeping on someone's couch or in the back of my car because I can't drive home.
  4. hahahah sounds like a blast man! and the fact that you kept doing things ie walking, chillin in a park, prob made the incred-o-high alot better! alot of people do this, smoke ridiculous amounts but just end up sitting on the couch and the next day being upset with the high or finding something wrong with it!
    glad you enjoyed your high, you sound like the type i would want to burn with!
  5. i wanna do this everytime i pick up. but if im low on cash i can't. but totally OP we've all been there.
  6. lmao thats fucking epic
  7. Exactly. When I'm chillin by myself I'll get high then do something, when I'm with my boys or at school and I have bud, I'll end up smoking all of it and smoking everyone up till we forget our names haha I definitely regret it every time since I'm broke as a joke but yet I keep doing it
  8. Like last night I just picked up an 8th to keep for myself. Then my old friend hit me up, said he saw me and told me to come chill so I go over his house and there's three other ppl there besides him. I ended up twisting a fat one, smoked everyone up then 3 girls came over and I ended up twisting another one cause they wanted to match. When I got home, I chilled for a hot minute and before bed smoked some more. I'm now left with like a gram at best. Wtf was I thinking, this was sposed to last me a week haha
  9. hahah sounds like me whenever i pick up i usually get 2-3 grams for the week, then smoke it all in a day or too.. i dont really care as long as im having fun though
    forreal i hate when my friends wanna just sit around and do nothing, i'm always down to go biking or see a movie or something
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  12. I remember 420 a few years ago. It was my first time trying brownies. I ate a whole one and didnt feel nothing. So I just said fuck it and ate another. Still didnt feel it. So I smoked a 7 gram blunt(passed around with 3 other people) like 30 minutes into the blunt it hit me hard as hell. I was blasted. I couldn't move. When the blunt came to me I could barely even lift my hand to grab it. But I wasn't gonna puss out so I still took my hits during every rotation. I was baked as hell. Keep in mind I was an everyday smoker. About an hour later another friend of mine came with another 7 gram blunt. I don't remember much of what happened after that.
  13. Yeah honestly it's whatever I had fun, lol
  14. That's what I'm saying man, I like toking and then doin something after, not just sitting around
  15. sounds like a fun time haahhah my friend once had a time where he switched his parents regular brownies with his weed brownies an his dad had hiss boss over for supper an for dessert they were all hungry an ate 2-3 brownies each... i wasnt there but it sounded funny as hell
  16. I do this with dabs all the time. I'll take one and think o it's not kicked in yet. Take another. Then i get high and start thinking o what could be better than this? o ya being higher! then i'll switch to flowers and kief and by the end of it when i go out to have a smoke i'm derp herp baked.
    When i drink i tend to want to get as fucked as i possibly can so i always buy more beer and smoke more weed than i ever would sober. Don't ask me why but drinking brings out the fiend in me :laughing:
  17. Damn the amount of times i've done that shit is crazy. 
  18. Damn the amount of times i've done that shit is crazy. 

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