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Last minute, FREE stoner Xmas present!

Discussion in 'General' started by Storm Crow, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Just send me an email (bottom of my sig), and I'll send you back a PDF of my List that you can easily forward to your friends! You will be giving them 840 (420 x 2) pages of links to studies and news articles about cannabis!

    If your friends are students, you will have given them the research they need for doing that "killer" paper on MMJ or the endocannabinoid system!:yay:

    If your friends want cannabis legalized, the List can be a useful resource for the budding activist! It makes answering those news articles and comments easy as pie! They will be able to refute all the old myths about cannabis and replace them with the truth- and back themselves up with PubMed titles!

    If your friends just got caught by their parents (or may get caught), the List can provide studies and article to show their parents the medical facts and that DARE lied! :p

    If your friends just love cannabis :smoking:, well, it is their favorite subject and learning more about a favorite subject is just plain fun! So let them learn! :hello:

    The List is free, and you don't need a PhD to use it- there are plenty of enlightening news articles for the "average Joe"! :D The List comes as an attachment, so you just add your message and forward the email to send it!

    Happy Holidays!


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