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  1. i have been reading here on the forums for quite some time and i am about to go along with my first harvest in the next few weeks...:hello:
    i was wondering is there anything i can and should do to help increase potency/yeild as the final days near?
    water a certain amount add a certain substance???
    i have done some reading and heard that u should add molasses to water and water it whith that?
    what exactly does this do and is there anything else like this i can do
    anouther request is if anyone has a very thorugh and easy guide to harvesting/curing with pictures ect. that would be very helpfull:D
    i greatly apprecitate any and all comments in advance
    thank you.

    i just cant wait she smells oooo so dank :smoke:
  2. How to properly dry and cure your harvest:

    There isnt much that can be done to increase potencey, cureing is usualy done just for sake of smoke and taste, it does increase potencey slightly to however just nothing thats going to make a big difference potencey wise, everything else it does smoke and taste wise is well worth it though.
    Many people say many different things to increase resin production at the end of a plants life, driveing a nail through the stalk, harvesting on a full moon, and the method you were talking about... i couldnt tell you personaly if it works or not, i think its all in your head.
    You shouldnt be still useing ferts on your plants if there is only a couple weeks left before harvest, doing so will leave a nice funny taste that even cureing wont take care of.

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