last day of school.

Discussion in 'General' started by racoonsuit, May 26, 2006.

  1. hey guys, it's been a while since my last post, so i thought i'd share with you last night's graduation celebration.

    yesterday was my LAST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL and to celebratew we went to this party and got nicely fucked up. we rolled up two blunts and a fatty to bring with us, along with an 18-pack of coors. we got to the party and smoked out the host, then started drinkin. they had the entire sampler of alcohol, including some delicious everclear watermelon. the guy who owned the house had picked up a quarter of dro for 90 earlier that night, so we passed around the spoon for a while, then rolled up a nice hydro joint. now, i haven't smoke in a few weeks so needless to say i was fucked up. we smoked out a couple of girls in bikinis by the hot tub, then around2 we started makin our way back to the truck. a few people blew chunks on the way home (out the window) but other than that, it was a memorable night.

    and the best part is, tonight is Graduation! i'm so effin excited. plannin' on hitting up two seperate parties, one with plenty of bud, and the otherwith plenty of drinks. should be a blast.

    well, that's my story, and i'm a little hungover, so i think im gonna go air some things out and have me a nice breakfast. stay classy, gc.
  2. today is the last of school for me too

    but I'm hella lost, since I go to King Career Center, which is like this trade based school that is designed to teach people is a specific area ie: computer electronics, advertising and design, Auto Body Repair & Maintenance, etc.

    well, then there's my homeschool, West Anchorage High, I never need to go to my homeschool since I only have 3 classes which is all clumped up in the morning and is at KCC, so now I have to figure out where I have to go to my Graduation rehearsal, but I don't, cuz no one else pays attention to the announcements and I'm never there to hear them.
  3. BLah you bastards! I still have 2 weeks left!!! This is bullshit too, I've already tested out of highschool because I didnt have enough credits to graduate normally (the 3 years I spent in france, we lost my transcripts, so I have 1 year of jr high, and 2 yrs of high school missing), so I dont really have any reason to care about my classes, but the school is making me go (contract) to my classes anyway. I usually just smoke a bowl before class and try to sleep, most of my teachers know my situation and just let me slack off.
    Hopefully next year will be more fun, community college, and FINALLY i'll have time to hold down a job!
  4. 3 yrs in france huh? how was that?

  5. It was good, gave me perspective on how fucked up america is.

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