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Last 2 firecrackers havnt worked but..

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Backwoodblunt, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. I mad them 4 times total, first 2 worked great, second 2 havnt worked, the only thing i havnt been doing is breaking up th ebud as fine, you think thats my problem?
  2. bump, rlly wanna know this thanks :]
  3. sounds like you should break it up more... and make sure you're cooking it the right amount of time... just a bit of advice: double check what you post, the first time I read your question I could hardly understand what you were talking about...
  4. Sorry bout that, thanks man :]
  5. tell us your full recipe. What PB, how long you cook, are they wrapped in tin foil? Ect
  6. Could be lack of peanut butter.
    Could be lack of fat content in the peanut butter.
    Could be the time you're cooking them. (Whether it's too much or too little)
    Could be the temperature you're cooking them. (Whether it's too much or too little)
    Could be your body
    Could be placebo
    Could be Kanye West

  7. It could be many things. If I were making these, I would grind up the weed so that it is practically in a powder form. Then I'd mix up the pb with the weed seperately and then make the firecrackers. then id bake or age it.
  8. Sometimes they just don't work. it mean that you fucked up somewhere along the line, but that just happens to all of us sometime. Make some more, and I bet your odds will improve. Use one of the tutorials on this forum to be absolutely sure you did it right

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