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Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by circle42, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. I will be in Las Vegas for Labor Day weekend with a good friend of mine (our first time to Sin City). We are Staying at the Luxor and are basically planning on drinking, and gambling the whole weekend.

    The reason I am posting this is because we are very Adventurous and we are looking to do more than just drink and gamble.

    We are looking for someone who lives in or real close to Vegas that knows of anything that the average tourist doesn't know about. Something only a Vegas resident would know.

    Basically If you live in Vegas or around and want some free drinks and to party with a couple out of towners let me know, because we are wanting it to be a good time.

    So if your down to meet a fellow GC member/ a couple good guys and your down to have a good time let me know.

    This might matter to some people, but we are both college students (me-international business and My Buddy is studying architecture, but we are 2 white dudes, educated and not trouble causing people, and we'de like to try and keep it that way in Vegas also.

    Thanks GC (also just tourist info on what to check out would be great also!) :smoke:
  2. No one knows anything about Vegas?
  3. Go to the Pawn Stars shop.
  4. Dude you are a tourist and in vegas, just get shitfaced and go wild. I'm going tomorrow for my 21st :hello: with 3 other buddies, plan on hitting the strip club, losing all my money, or lack thereof, and trying to stay outta jail :D.
  5. I'd just go and get wasted and have fun but if you can find someone that'll be cool.
  6. I went to Vegas last year definately go to the Pawn Stars shop. The hotel I stayed at was stratosphere. cesars palace is pretty dope if you can swing it just get fucked up and wander the streets. its fun shit.
  7. All I want to say....Go hard bro....real fucking hard ya digg :wave:
  8. Awesome, i'm stoked about it! We were definitely planning on getting fucked up and gambling and just walking around. Just was looking for something different to do, ya dig
  9. Any body know any good places to score some bud once we are down there? Will the dudes handing out prostitute cards know where to find weed? Any restaraunts that sell it out back (there are a couple here thats why i ask)
  10. I wouldn't look for any drugs on the strip. Some guy gave me a j and it had his number on it if i wanted more, but i just left it on the table for the cleaning ladies :rolleyes:. As for food, i went to hooters, the mgm grand buffet, but mostly the food courts to save money. Definitely try and do one good meal a day tho, the rest of the time it was just drunchies. And don't drink too much during the day, it can ruin your nights early aka i passed out at 6:30 on tuesday, got there at 3 :devious:.
  11. I don't know much about vegas, but I'd be careful about the guys handing out the cards. They know whats up, and that's probably not a good thing...

  12. Good Advice, I think we plan on swimming and site seeing during the days (talked about renting an exotic car) probably won't happen though. Then we will start drinking/gambling as the sun goes down.

    This is an idea we are tossing up in the air. Instead of looking for weed when we are down there, what about mailing just enough Ganja (8th/3 days) to be a special package in our room for when we arrive? I am a very handy person and could concoct something that is smell proof and also difficult to get into. How safe does this sound?
  13. #14 420gitrdone, Aug 16, 2011
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    Lol I came back from Vegas a couple days ago. I stayed at the mirage and I went to the pawn stars shop and got a chum lee mug.
  14. im goin to vegas with my dad in april from 10-15 for my first time. what would anybody suggest doin there if your doin things solo? im 21, chill, and shy unless approached. i really want to have a cool adventure and good stories to tell.
  15. Hmm. Lets just say this:

    Where you are staying, on the Strip, it's hard to get anything. If you want bud, you have to get out of the Strip and into the Valley. If you guys came during a convention then you would have an easier time finding it on the Strip.
  16. ^im not even worried about mary i just want to have a crazy ass time but ill be on the strip, venetian hotel or however you spell it.

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