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Larry the cable guy beer bread / Read

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by evilgnome, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Larry the cable guy beer bread mix is perfect

    All it calls for is a can of beer & 3 tbsp {3/4 stick of butter} melted

    Since it called for melted butter we made it fresh
    Melted down a full stick of butter in a double broiler & added about a 1/4 of ground trim {mainly those little bottom pop corn nugs}
    Simmered it on low for about 2 hours
    Then strained it in to a cup

    Added a can of beer {Bud} to the mix
    Poured it in a 8in X 4in. X 2in baking pan
    Poured the butter over the batter in the pan

    Cut it in to 8 4in X 1in slices

    They were GOOOD / Nice & canna-buttery tasting
    Easy to make / It's like the mix was made for making edibles

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  2. Looks interesting, but what is the consistancy of the bread? Looks similar to cornbread rather than white but I really want to know cause beer battered fish is the bomb and If the bread is airy enough, I bet this could make killer fish sandwiches.
  3. I dunno that dont look good to me. At first i thought you were talking about fish batter lol

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