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  1. Larry OG

    The Girl Scout Cookies

  2. where did you obtain this gsc?
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    It was a clone from a mother that started as a seed. I was blessed with 1st generation clones. Buddy of mine had three seeds. First two were male and the third one was a female. So i got a clone from that female.
    If i can say one thing is that this cookies has a strong aroma like purple and if i left i was able to left her flower longer, it would be alot darker. All in all it was awesome to grow.
  4. well nice shit! got some cured picsz?
  5. Very nice
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    No cured pics sorry, it didn't last that long. :(
  7. i thought gsc was clone only? How'd someone get seeds?

    nice pics..
  8. ^^ Cali connections seeds say they recieved seeds from the original gcs mothers breeder. its been online for almost 2 months now
  9. Not too many seed company's have it but since its not too stable of a strain it can hermie up on you late in flower. I was helping a friend and his plant had a few seeds, so while trimming it down i found 5 seeds. Hence how I was able to get it. This is a 45-50 day strain with a moderate yield. If you let it go flower longer watch out for seeds.
  10. Thanks for this info. I just grabbed some of the seeds, for my next round.. :D
  11. Beautiful GSC!
    I'm waiting for mine right now.
    Day 49 flowering...
    But looks like yours!

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