largest yield for indoor grow?

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  1. I have a pretty intense 1000w LED set up for my flowering closet. I am getting some insane results from the relatively small plants i threw in there for its first grow, so I want to see what I should grow next to really take advantage of my cool set up.

    I want to veg/flower a plant as big as possible(growing 4 total), and yield as much as possible as well. I'm not really concerned with indica/sativa, just want to see what I can push my grow to actually yield.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Try a big bud strain g/l
  3. I'm pretty new to this game, and have zero knowledge of what that actually means. Is there a strain actually called "big bud" or is that a company?
  4. Actual strain called big bud. The buds get ridiculous big.
  5. Yes there is a strain called big bid. What kind of yields are you getting with what veg time?
  6. Go with a scrog set up. Im doing my first scrog and should be getting quite the yield.
  7. awesome! Ill check it out!

    this is my first grow. My buddy vegged these plants for me, but I know they were not vegged that long(except one). I plan on letting my next run veg longer.

    scrog ftw...I have a separate scrog set up for each plant
  8. now im going to have to find some darn seeds of this!
  9. Strain, lighting and environment, are all crucial factors in getting a large yield. Even with the
    best nutes, and the best lights, and the best strains or cuttings, if your environment (air-flow,
    exhaust, temps, ph etc) is out of whack, your plants will suffer, and they won't yield well in quality,
    or quantity.

    Treat them just right however, and they will reward you :)

    For instance the below was roughly 11 weeks from cutting; 3.5 weeks to root and veg, then
    another 7 or so to flower, flush and chop. When I'm only growing 4 - 6 plants in a room, I'll use 10 -
    15 gallon pots (and between 2,000-3,000 watts HPS). When I'm growing 25 - 30 plants in the same
    room, I'll use 1 - 3 gallon pots, with the same lighting. Roughly the same yield for both in the same
    amount of time, between the 25 or so plants in small pots, and the 4 - 6 in large pots.

    The last lady to come down in this room...

    This bud can be seen in the upper left portion of the above plant.. there are several close to this size, but this was the largest;


    And over in a 1 - 3 gallon pot room, using the same amount of light but spread over a slightly larger
    area, this is about half of 25 - 30 plants (about half way through bloom, with another 3 - 4 weeks to go)....


    So the method you choose really depends on what you're going for, even beyond your hopeful-yield.

    For instance, if you have a few killer clones, and you know what to expect from their bud, or
    you know that you specifically want more of a certain kind of bud, then fewer, larger plants,
    would be the better option.
    With the right environment, you'll yield much more off an individual plant than multiple small plants,
    so long as it is given adequate root space and room to grow.

    Then, if you're working with seeds, which can be very variable, or if you want to play around with
    breeding...or if you know that you tend to grow tired of even the best strains,
    after smoking too much of them... then numerous, smaller plants, in smaller pots, would be the way
    to grow.


    With more plants, you have greater variety (MUCH greater variety), however, if there is one
    perfect plant, then you obviously won't have as much of her bud.

    But that goes both ways.... when working with seeds, having many, numerous plants, can also
    spare you from investing nearly all your time, all your nutrient, and all your soil/medium and energy,
    on a plant (which may make up a very large percentage of your total crop) that turns out to be a
    'dud', and has the potency of low-grade hemp. :p

    For the best of both worlds, we grow many, numerous seeds in the small-pot rooms, and
    then we take a small selection of cuttings from only the very best plants, to use over in the
    large-pot rooms.
    The large pot rooms carry only cuttings from plants and strains we're familiar with,
    while the small pot rooms carry new seedlings through completion.

    Both ways take roughly 3 months from germination/cutting to harvest... the smaller plants only
    remain smaller in so much time, because they are limited by their root space; in small pots, you will
    have smaller plants in the same time frame, but you can make up for that limitation, with their
    increased numbers.

    Hope this helps. :)
  10. ^ those pictures need to be in high times magazine.
  11. Omg how much does that weigh. What youre holding in your arms in that pic. You just blew my mind!
  12. Omg badkittysmiles, what strain is that bud from.

  13. Those pictures need to be in my grow room.

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