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Largest pot plant

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skurfy007, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. It gave ... OVER NINE THOUSAND ... buds of weed.

  2. for sure the biggest ive seen
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    thats way old, and is not the biggest by any means.

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  4. holy hell that thing is huge!
  5. you win
  6. Ive seen plants 3 times that size.
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    When I was younger, there was an old, dilapidated farmhouse and a barn on the outskirts of my town. It had been here longer than my great grandfather could remember, and he had lived here for almost 90 years. It was a cool place to hang out, and there was this ancient silo out back that was so old it was made of rough-cut river rocks and the top half had collapsed, with what we had believed to be a tree poking out the top. When we went in, there was a pot plant that was easily thrice as big, if not more. No idea how long it had been there, but I swear, the motherfucker had bark. I didn't think it was weed at first, but I smelled it and sure enough, that's what it was.
  8. Nice story, did you smoke that monster?
  9. Nope. Couldn't reach the damn buds (assuming there were any; I couldn't really tell for sure), and I wasn't willing to climb the silo to get to them. Plus, it was about three years before I started smoking, too. The only way we knew what it was was because of our good friends at D.A.R.E, because we were about 9 at the time. I went back after I started smoking, but there's a suburb there now.
  10. damn those plants are huge
  11. Since when did Marijuana grow on trees? Wow, thats just a site to see.
  12. thats pretty big, but not the biggest. dalat a landrace sativa from vietnam can grow over 25 feet tall in its native environment.
  13. There was a huge B.S. bust in my town not long ago, this guy was growing medicinal right next to his house, newspaper had pictures and the stalk/trunk was thicker than your wrist, they weren't bushes they were trees :p
  14. The people at dare passed around weed to 9 year olds,
    So you'd know what it smells like?
  15. I want to know how, now.
  16. Ouch. How big can plants get? I'll bet the buds get massive.

    Can you continue growing a plant after it flowers? Can you harvest it?

    Or does it have to be in a constant state of vegetation to get that large? If so, how would this be done outdoors.
  17. IDK but thats FUCKIN CRAZY
  18. outdoor plants can get 8-10' tall easy, but its better to turn that one plant into a huge bush you'll get better Cola's that way

  19. Havent u seen that south park episode? "Can whoever has the marijuana plz pass it to the front of the class mmmmkay?"

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