Large LED Grow Room Design (need help)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by KingPandaYumYum, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Hows it going, it has been awhile since ive been on grasscity as i havnt been able to grow do to moving. Well come this spring im moving in with my girl friend and will have a lot of options to grow as its a good size property with a few sheds that would be perfect to grow in. However its 2 lots merged  into one with other family members living on it and the sheds power runs to them. While its not a problem growing with their knowlege i just dont wanna deal with the power bill.
    The place I would like to grow is right out the basement door under the deck. It is a room with a doorway and everything, it just has a gravel floor that isnt even, and the main problem Im looking for help with is the fact that there is no roof. it is just the wood boards used for the deck. This is an issue due to the fact that it rains in Seattle every day pretty much and Im worried about the drainage. I have a few ideas such as sealing the cracks between the boards not allowing any water to leave the surface of the deck which could ruin the deck or, creating some sort of draining system then building a separate roof essentially creating a total controlled indoor environment.
    The room Im starting in is about as bare as it gets and I plan on putting a lot of time into it making it a long term growing location. Im going to wire the power from the hot tub into there for my power source. Pour cement, put up insulated walls, draw my intake from the house and out goes next to the laundry shoot. Im also going full LED for more power cost, tighter nodes, and stealth.
    pictures will come shortly this will likely be a long drawn out process.


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