Large CFL base adapter?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by GeorgiaOKeif, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, I've been doing some reasearch into adding a 125 watt (actual watt) bulb to my grow room for flowering. Feliz 125 Watt CFL Grow Light 2700K: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    It says this bulb has a mogul base, which will not fit into the standard sockets I already have set up. I would like to get an adapter, but I am not positive that I have found the right one. Feliz 125 Watt CFL Grow Light 2700K: Patio, Lawn & Garden

    will this adapter attatch this bulb to a standard socket?

  2. Nah bro it I the mogul base. It's A lil bigger you can pick it up at lowes here mi Missouri tho. I use that same style well at 6400k 125 watt for my veg and clones. The switch to t5s with cfls. But yes you need the mogul socket.
  3. Is there an adapter out there that makes a mogul based bulb fit in a traditional socket?
  4. Umm not sure bro my 125 watt cfl is a e39 mogul.i would do some research and see if an e39 and e40 is compatible. Good luck.
  5. Looked into it and the e39 and the e40 are the same thing (mogul), the e40 is just what it is in europe. Have you had good success with the 125 watt cfl? I'm really leaning toward getting one to add to my 250 watts of other cfls for flowering.
  6. Um yes iv had great successes with cfls. For veg. I use a 4 ft 4 bulb t5 for flower. Never used cfl for flower besides just adding my 6500 cfl when my clones are done. You know just for diff. Spectrum and more light. My boy uses mh/hps and it grows faster tho. I want to get them but alil more and the put off a lot of heat , cfls can damn near touch the plants. So just food for thought.

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