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  1. So im starting a new landscaping job in a few weeks and im just wondering what all does it exactly entail, and what should I expect to be doing, and what type of shit I should be familiarizing myself with, the guy said it was okay if I didn't have much experience but I figure itd be best going in at least some shit

  2. It depends entirely on the specific job. lol We're not psychic here.  :p Landscaping typically involves yardwork-like manual labor. Other than that, you'll have to tell us more about the type of place you're supposed to be landscaping. Sometimes it might involve trimming trees/shrups up, digging up, planting, and replanting stuff, placing stone walkways, setting up rock gardens, all kinds of stuff, basically any work you've ever seen anyone put into their property. 
  3. I've been a landscaper for two years, going to school to get my tickets too.

    Some days I spend with chainsaws, bringing down forests of weeds. Some days I cut lawns and clean up gardens. Some days I haul dirt and stone and lay it all down in beds and patios. Some days I'm a carpenter and build decks, pergolas, huts. Somedays I lay down plumbing. Some days all I do is sit around and get stoned.

    It depends on what your company does, the type of calls you get, and the season. My company does it all, so I do it all. You'll probably be maintenance. Mowing, clipping, hauling dirt.
  4. yeah I did landscaping for a summer.  a lot of trimming trees, planting, cleaning/making gardens, cutting grass and weeds, etc.
    sometimes it would be hard work but you would feel accomplished afterwards.  the money wasn't bad either.  it just sucks if there's a doubt in your region and nobody's plants grow.
  5. I tended the land of a summer camp during the last few summers, pretty much landscaping. Lots of mowing, cutting trees, trimming, ect. Depends so much on if it's commercial property, private property, the stuff in the yards/property. But it's always something new every day.
  6. You'll be mowing lawns and fixing the broken sprinkler heads you chopped off.
  7. It hard work Expect to sweat.
    If you love hard work you'll like it.
    Can you run a mower  Push or Big machine?
    Get on the big machine as soon as he teachers you, most of them are riders nowaday otherwise you'll burn your feet out pretty quick.
    Of do you hands have calluses if not expect some blister for a while
    Good Luck
    It helps if you can weedwack using the machine a head of time  But you will learn.

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