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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Spaceman Spliff, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. Alright I'm a freshman in college and I'll probably be getting my own appartment next year- Now if untilities are included in the cost of the apartment do you think the landlord will notice the extra power I'll be using by growing 3 plants? Thanks-

    Also, does anyone have any idea of a good sativa-ish (like 50-50 sativa-indica) strain for a first timer?
  2. In a highrise probably not ,if you keep your lighting down to (1) 250watt or less HPS .In a 1 or 2 apartment building ,the landlord will more than likely notice. In an apartment you might also remember that the landlord has the right to periodically inspect the apt. (with your notification) for maintenance. And in the event of an emergency without your notification. This is according to the recently revised tenant landlord act ,and is applicable throughout the states. Now that being said .....I have been growing off and on in an apartment (highrise) with utilities included for several years with 2 close calls .

    M. Jackson is on TV ....I'll be back later with more info.
  3. hmm... I'll just make sure utilities aren't included and try and keep power usage down... Except then my parents would notice. So...

    How've you been growing in your apartment? I'll probably just use a minimum ammount of light, tell my landlord that I have some special need for extra power (any idea what that could be?) and paint/polish my grow cabinet to blend in... Oi. I don't care though, I'm sick of paying for weed.

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