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Landlord question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 7764234, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. Hey guys I recently started living in a no smoking basement suite while I'm doing a 6 month pre app course. I've never really ever had to worry about my smoking much when I lived with my parents because they were generally pretty chill about it. Anyways the only places I could find were all non smoking. I have my own door at the back of the house so I've just been stepping out the door to hit my bong. I'm just wondering if the landlord caught me blazing outside would he be able to kick me out since the lease I signed was for non smoking? I'm sure he probably wouldn't care much as long as I'm not smoking indoors but I always get a little paranoid when I come back inside. Also is there any chance he'd be able to smell the smoke if he's inside with the windows shut? I usually try to blow my smoke as far away from the house as possible. Maybe I'm just too paranoid because the landlord seems like a pretty chill guy but he does have a young kid
  2. Ah believe me you'll be just fine, especially if your hitting your bong outside on the porch. Even if he seen you, it's not a big deal, especially if it was a cigarette, he would not say a thing. He would appreciate that you were smoking outside, I mean the bong is a bit different but I wouldn't worry.
    I live on my own two in a nice apartment above a restaurant, it's a non-smoking, non-pet place and I have a little kitten and blaze up here like mad, oh and grow lmao. I'm sure she might know, I think it's the fact that I walk down to her at the first of every month and give her $700 cash that keep's her cool with it :p
    Just be smart about it bro, if you can smoke a bit and get away with it, do it! It's your place man. 

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