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Landlord caught and apprehended me!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stigs, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. It all started off with me calling up my dude seeing if he wanted to split a burner. He comes over and calls up his dealer and we get a gram of some grapefruit bud.

    He arrives backs with the bud which I must say smelled delicious. It was light green and fluffy. Covered in trichomes too.

    I proceede to roll it into a peach swisher. We then decide that its better not to smoke in the apartment so we go down to the storage room.

    After we finished the blunt we are packing it into my bowl when theLandlord walks in on us. We dart out the side door and sprint down a busy street. I look behind us and he is chasing yelling that he is gonna call the cops.

    We run down a side street and cut behind some houses when me and my friend split up. My friend jumps a fence and runs to his car so he can pick me up but I am grabbed by the landlord.

    He strongarms me and starts patting me down yelling "give me the drugs!". At this point I'm bout to hit him as I was getting nervous from him grabbing onto me. We are arguing and yelling at eachother when I start explaining to him that I wasn't trying to bother anyone. At this he lets me go and tells me he can understand that. He continues to lecture me all the way back to the complex before he realizes that I am one of his customers son's.

    He had thought I was a complete stranger and was going to create a disturbance on his property. All in all he promised no to say anything to my dad (I'm 18+ but on probation) and that he wouldn't call the cops.

    Keep on smoking :smoke:
  2. Sweet deal man, musta been a buzz kill for a lil bit, u shoulda asked him 2 smoke up after that. :smoke:
  3. He said he thought he was the coolest shit because he smoked cigs when he was young. Said he never tried drugs though.
  4. You shoulda given him the drugs and called the 5-0 on him. That would've been haaaaardcore :smoke:
  5. NOT AT ALL... Incarceration for Marijuana is ridiculous... also who DA FUK LIKES A SNITCH! :devious:
  6. Yeah because snitching is hardcore. :mad:

    +rep cuddie stay up
  7. fa sho!
  8. omg, it was a joke... :p

  9. Lol I got it man. guys he wasnt serious its just a funny thought that the guy was going to take his drugs and then call the police on him. lol so give them to him and beat him to the call lol.. your both pointing the finger at each other saying there his lol maybe you had to have just finish burning and read it like me to get it.....

    and yes on a serious note : Snitching is bitch not saying anyone should do that...
  10. Im on probation cuz of snitches.
  11. haha thats a funny story... why the fuck would the landlord actually risk his life running the so called "trespassers" anyways. At least where I am from people usually don't follow / chase the so called "drug addicts" [as where weed is not a drug], because where im from they probably have a gun hahaha.
  12. damn, your landlord sounds crazy chasing you and shit
  13. He's croation or romanion or some shit.
  14. I laughed at the whole "He proceeded to strongarm me and pat me down" part.

    I can see this foreign guy just manhandling somebody for drugs. What if he wasn't a landlord at all, and instead just some crazy immigrant who tried chronic the day before, and was hooked.
  15. I thought that was going to end badly but apparently not. That's pretty good.
  16. Wow man, I mean damn...I would be HAPPY as hell about the outcome ...

    Keep blazin.
  17. Why couldn't you blaze in your apartment?

  18. We didn't want the entire apartment to reak of skunk.
  19. I am glad it turned out good. I personally would get him to try it XD. That might be going too far, though.
  20. he just wanted your drugs.

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