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Lamb's Bread Bob Marley's Favorite Strain [Macros]

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by HeartlessStoner, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. I just went to see my dealer and I picked up some Lamb's Bread Cheese. Lamb Bread was originally from Jamaica and known to be Bob Marley's favorite strain. This shyt is so sticky there are actually two separate nuggets but they got attached and stuck together. (Click the photos)

    Smell: Opening the bag it smells awful, like cheese and puke mixed together. Its sticky as hell hard to break up.

    Taste: is actually pretty good like a smooth and spicy cheese smoke. Its GREAT! and is some of the crayzest weed I've ever had.

    (More pix below)

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  2. The bud was so sticky I had to detach the 3 pieces :cool:

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  3. Dude that looks sooo good. What's that running you?

  4. I got $70 worth it was like 4.5 grams or so
  5. Damn, that's really good for where I'm from that would probably run almost 90 or so. I need that shit here
  6. yeah its stinky as fuck smells awful but tastes great like mild sweet cheese I guess

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  7. Yeah that's totally something I could fuck with. I wantttt
  8. I would fucking kill for that shit man... all I need is a firearm and a plane ticket...:eek::smoking:
  9. So is this Lamb's Bread or 'Lamb's Bread Cheese'? :confused:

  10. Its lamb bread cheese, best of both world's lamb's bread x cheese
  11. It is funny/strange that you say that it smells awful. I've never smelt weed that I did not find completely intoxicating and enjoy it completely. Except for, of course, mids or schwag but even then it just smells like old grass... not awful.

    Looks amazing though. Toke up for meee!!!
  12. That looks pretty epic man, enjoy that. :smoke:
  13. looks frosty as fuck! hell yeah dankkidty dankk
  14. I smoked a joint with about 1 gram in it and my mind was out of this world :smoke: This is a strong sativa, it leaves you with a great easy going feeling.
  15. That looks exotic. Good pick up my dude.
  16. Looks bomb. Good shit OP.
  17. Heartless stoner do u play paintball in MASS?

  18. Na Im from DC and go to school in Atl. But I've been to Cape Cod & Martha's vineyard if that counts lol

  19. Hrmm... Well a good friend of mine smoked me out with this strain ($60 8th, pretty expensive here in SoCal) and I can tell you that the smell is not pleasant, and it is truly overwhelmingly disgusting.

    Many people who are not used to the smell of strong cannabis may refer to it as smelling like shit, but Lamb's Bread (not lamb's bread cheese as I've never tried it) smells just like shit. It is a strong high, but I would not recommend it for the short effect, smell, and cost factor
  20. Looks fantastic, nvm on the last Lamb's bread thread I posted on, Bomb.

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