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Discussion in 'General' started by IceCreamKidd, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. Just got laid off this week blades. Doesnt that suck, back to the wanted ads.

  2. Yeah man..sorry about your luck, i've been there.luckily, i found another reasonably soon. And my friends helped me out when the bud was low. Here's wishing ya well! *takes hit :)
  3. yea man sorry about that. get a job at a heashop. i think that would be any stoners ideal workplace.
  4. Haha..I like going to our local headshop with my friend amber. She will start asking a lot of questions about items in the shop. And all the people that work there have to answer these crazy questions and have to relate them to smoking tobacco. She would be like "is it hard to clean the resin out of it?" or "Would it break if it was dropped at a party?"
  5. Good luck on finding a new job.. Sending new job karma to ya my friend.
  6. sorry to hear this babe! I hope things will work out for you, and you find something quick!!! Im sure they will! good luck, maybe youll fall into your dream job now! the time is right!
  7. Sorry about that, ICK. I'll send some cool job karma your way, too. Good luck!
  8. Sorry to hear you got laid. If I could, I would give you a fat ass blunt full of hydro. But I can't give it to you so I will think of you while smoking it. Good luck job searching!

    Puff, Puff, Pass!
  9. I've rode that horse before. SUX!

    Been some kinda scary stuff going on around my place of employment also.

    I try to keep the attitude that I was looking for a job when I found this one!

    Karma abounds!
  10. Keep your head up bud. Your luck will improve....

  11. hi, im sensimil, and im addicted to exclamation points...thank you. :p
  12. ouch that sucks icecreamkidd.. here's to hoping that new job is right around the corner for you. or maybe, is it time to take that cross-country trip you had talked about awhile back? :)

    just a thought! sending positive thoughts and love your way!
  13. The sunday paper came out today, so im going to scour that in the next few days. Hopefully by the end of the week ill have some kind of lead.

    as for the cross country trip, ive got to get those funds up. Rent first, then cross country :)

    Yesterday (saturday), didnt get a whole lot of job hunting done. Went and took part in the Anti-war protest. 25,000 people showed up and marched in downtown Portland. Inspiring. I took a lot of pictures and should get them developed soon.


    thanks for all of the good karma friends. it helps
  14. That sucks your got laid off man but good luck finding a new job or maybe you should take a vaction instead lol.Peace smoke a bowl and forget about ti for a day
  15. i feel your pain .. i also got laid off ... right after christmas .. ggrr .. i need to find me a job .. i dropped off a bunch of resumes at ikea, canadian tire, safeway and wallmart .. but nobody phoned me .. those bastards ... meh...
  16. Any luck yet ICK?

    Mr.x good luck on finding a job for you too..

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