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  1. Hey dudes and dudettes. This is my first grow I'm doing with one of my friends. I finally got a camera yesterday so I thought I'd share some pics. These are Ladyburn 1974's from Green House Seeds. They're 4 weeks and 1 day into flowering. We popped 5 and they all sprouted. They've had quite a lot of stress during veg which seems to have affected 3 of them but the other 2 are looking good to me. I wasn't really looking to do a grow journal for this one because of how unstable everything has been but for the next one I'll be doing it properly. For this one I'll just be posting a few pics every now and then. This is the first set of pics for the Ladyburns I've managed to get. Ladyburn No.4 (The second to last pic) had the branches on one side break off during veg and that side hasn't really recovered yet.
    This is all I can remember about the environment because it's not at my house - 
    Tent roughly 1m x 0.5m
    15cmx15cmx23cm square pots for all but the 2 biggest Ladyburns
    BioBizz All Mix Soil
    BioBizz Nutes (Bio-Grow, Bio-Bloom, Top-Max, Alg-A-Mic)
    Something called Ace Of Buds
    Can't remember the temps or humidity but they're usually good during the day but go crazy at night, they should be sorted soon though
    We haven't really been checking the pH because our tester isn't calibrated properly
    600W HPS light
    There's also 100W CFL we added which we move from side to side every few hours


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