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  1. Go online and order ladybugs. They are cheap, abundant, keep well in the refrigerator for 2 months, and you’ll not regret it. No thrips or aphids in this grow. Also, if you grow indoors, who cares if they get a little scattered. I’m Pennsylvania Dutch, and have been adamantally drilled to believe that a ladybug in your house is a very lucky occasion. So why not release 1500 or so in your basement? Maybe your crop will have some luck!
    Seriously try it! It’s worth every single little lady that you introduce to your garden.
    Also, if yer cat isn’t a asshole, they make great garden gaurds.

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  2. I added 1500 to my barn a couple of days ago, they seem to taking over the plants very slowly so we will see how it works. I have some bad thrips so I want to see how well they can bring the problem down. I never notice them flying around though, they seem to always be on the ground or on the plants bucket.
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  3. Ladybugs love thrips.
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  4. I use lady bugs - praying mantis and nematodes - the nematodes do the most to keep the bugs away ...
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  5. The Green lacewing larvae are aphid Destroyers..also spider mites and tripes.
    1 baby Green lacewing larvae can eat up to 600 adult aphids and eggs in it's live to fly.
    They also tend to stick around and nest near the garden more than ladybugs.
    There are many beneficial bugs and they're some that look beneficial but are not and are pests.
    Study and know your bugs. There are so many.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  6. Ohh yeah! those Ladybugs will take good care of those nasty thrips for ya. You probably will not be disappointed at all. Good luck to you my friend.
  7. Used them before. Prefer been 3 step solution. Picking up 100s of dead ladybugs is annoying.
  8. Ladybugs are lazy, yeah they may eat 800 to 1200 thrips or aphids in their lifetime, but they won't hang-around a cannabis plant until every enemy of that cannabis plant is dead because they are pollen hunters more than true bug predators. Only the pirate bug will do that for a cannabis plant. And if you live in North America, they are easy to catch and add to your garden. Just plant some sweet clover into a 1 gallon pot, then place that pot outside in a shady place for a few days, then right before dark move that pot into your grow room, and them pirate bugs will kill every bug that could harm your cannabis plant. And pirate bugs are real predators, they don't just kill to eat, they also enjoy killing just to kill, meaning,while a pirate bug may kill and eat maybe just 10 to 20 bugs a day, it will also kill 20 to 30 more bugs each day just to kill them...

  9. It’s all good man. I actually became very familiar with them when I was quite young, so when I ordered them (2000 at a time) I made sure to make several orders spaced several weeks apart from each other. Not to mention, they do keep very well in a kind-of-hibernation state for almost two months in a regular refrigerator.
    But hell yeah man! About the pirate bugs! That’s what I love about Grasscity. It is so easy to communicate with fellow “farmers”. Thanks for the post man. Much appreciated and informative.

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