Lady Bugs

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Unknown Future, May 25, 2009.

  1. Ok so I allways hear people saying lady bugs will do the trick when you have certain pests, so I wanted to hear from people who have used ladybugs or are using them.

    Are they worth it? How did you like them? Just wanna here from people who actually have experience with them.
  2. Im just wondering because i just recently started using them when I noticed some bug damage. They seem to do the job but now im in flowering and they did tend to shit on the leaves during veg.I dont want them shitting on the buds or laying eggs, should i get a spray or let the army do its work?

    They are fun to watch run around on the plants n stuff when im gettin baked lol, funny how little things like that are so entertaining.
  3. I never had good luck with them indoors but outdoors they did their job. Indoors all they seem to do for me is have a lot of sex then die a fiery death by flying up into the HID.
  4. Lady bugs, especially the adults, mainly eat aphids. If that's your problem great, but keep in mind if you already have a nasty outbreak of aphids they won't be able to keep up. The larvae may eat other bugs. They're very hungry little buggers.

    For other pests, green lacewings & mainly their larvae are a good all-around pest eater.

    For white flies in particular, there are parasitic wasps that work best, but they have to be introduced before the white flies become a problem too.

    Praying mantises are really cool, but mostly go after larger bugs you probably wouldn't have indoors.

    I put lady bugs in my sun room, and have never noticed poop. Are you sure it's from the lady bugs? Maybe you have caterpillars? Those things poop all over and do major damage.

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