Ladies .... When is a dick considered big

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Taylored, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. pics or GTFO! :p

  2. i'm a nice guy, i don't wanna put anyone to shame.

  3. :laughing:

    Oookay, Illa.


  4. don't doubt the power that is contained within these boxer briefs. :rolleyes:

  5. PM me!
    :D :D
    I am full of doubt.
    The ones who talk the biggest game tend to have the least to back it up with. :rolleyes:

    But for some reason, I believe you. :D
  6. at this point you better just believe me, i don't want to break your monitor :p

  7. I am positive this monitor has seen bigger. :p :eek:

  8. ... touche
  9. oh lawd...

    My dick is so big, I can fit another dick inside of it.
  10. Its okay if you don't have a big dick illadelphin, nothing to be ashamed about.
  11. I RoLL Fatties loves every comment lol.
  12. some of these ladies have said that size doesn't matter, but this is sadly untrue
    we've all got differently shaped lady-bits, so for some of us, that spot is further down, so a 3-incher won't do the trick.

    that said, if you know what you're doing and do it well, it shouldn't matter too much! you can still make her happy in, um, other ways. also there's all this stigma with small dicks, really big ones scare me more. there's only so much you can accommodate, you know?
  13. 5 inch girth isnt really thick though.
  14. When it has its own Congressman
  15. I actually used to have the world's biggest penis. I got sick of it being so big getting in the way that I had a penis reduction surgery to make it the way it is now, I regret nothing.
  16. Its not the size of the ship, its how you drive that money! Lol... I'm a dude, just speaking from experience! (Had more than my share of "runners" and "tapouts" in my day! Lol)

    I'm not a fucking 3 footer but the 9er gets the job done and it makes me very happy to know average is only like 6"! Yes! Above AVERAGE BIOTCH!
  17. when you have to buy it a child's ticket the movie theater :D
  18. When it hurts ;0) I personally dont like Gargantuan Dicks, if it is too wide or too long I'm too busy thinking about how to avoid any pain instead of enjoy it
  19. [quote name='"HerbalTurtle"']There's no specific length, just like guys each girl is different.[/quote]

    Eureka :0)


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