Ladies .... When is a dick considered big

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  1. what length ....
  2. 20 feet long.

  3. Stop being insecure about your penis size, Have some confidence if the girl likes you, she will like your penis.
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    My dick is the bench line for any other dick ;)
  6. My personal opinion as I am more then qualified to answer this question:

    It is not the length...but the girth that pleasures a woman !...I can provide testimonials upon request.
  7. Mine's the one other's use for a confidence boost.
  8. When it hits the cervix WAY too hard.
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  9. testimonials requested!
  10. Penis size doesn't really matter. It's how you use it. And if a girl really cares for you, she won't care what size you are. Honestly :)
  11. Im not asking for a formal response, im asking for a number. For the record, my dick is like a missle
  12. There's no specific length, just like guys each girl is different.
  13. inb4 played out penis length jokes

    oh wait damn

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  14. Mines -30 feet long!
  15. i would say around 30 feet
  16. A lot of girls are pretty bad at taking dick... I don't know why (not saying anyone in the thread) anyone is so concerned about their length/girth.

    I think I have a very average dick and some girls tap out...and Im not claiming some special ability lol.
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  17. From the girls I have talked with, a lot of them don't really care as long as you can use it. In terms of length, the average size in US is somewhere around 5.9", so anywhere past that would be above average. I know my GF is pretty small and she gets a bit overwhelmed by me at times and I am only around 6.5.-6.7". It really does depend on the girl, but most have said that they don't want a guy with a huge dick.
  18. Too bad mine's only a one incher, Maybe I can get a strap on.
  19. I'm 7" and my gf deepthroats like a champ. Nothing better than hitting it from the back either. I doubt she could take more than another 2 or 3". If that.
  20. You believe that?

    I find funny every guy in this thread needs to talk about their own size "I'M 7 INCHES FOO"

    The question was for the ladies not asking guys how big your cock is and whether it pleases your lady or not.

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