Ladies; Post a picture of your ass thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Adam G, Aug 12, 2002.

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  1. (_|_)

    edit: oops, i made it lopsided the first time
  2. me thinks I must of been wasted when posting this

    I cannot remember it!!
  3. LMAO!! hhhhhhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaa!

    damn, nice ass!
  4. work it work it..!
  5. (y_)



    when i die, i\'m donating my body to science fiction!
  6. Damn Nice Ass!!!
  7. ROTFLMAO. adam, what would we do without yea? ;)
  8. My ass is MUCh better looking... Check this out:
  9. hmmmm..not to say that Im never, but i think someone is slighty confused about ass.

    ed (heres something new) lmao. gotcha. ass. got it. funny stufff. clever. dont i feel like an ass. ha. oh, yeah i am confused. well was. well, am. well always. well not always. most of the time. got me on this ass. this ass posting thread. got me.

  10. Um, I guess somebody was stoned when she posted earlier... *Blushes* He\'s Donkey kong... weak attempt at a joke... Maybe I shouldn\'t try humor when stoned... *Blushes*
  11. I dont know which kind of abuse is this? I couldnt believe people will smoke and started miss behaving like this. This is abuse and inresponsibility to grass.
    I am consumming it, only because of the benefit that I can drive from it.
    Not talking rubbish, or showing usless picture on the site.

  12. hmmm?
  13. *awkward pause*

    .......SO Ladies :D Lets see some b00ty.
  14. how about my foot?

    edit: I removed this picture to conserve space, as I added one below that shows a better reflection of the color in the tat.
  15. You do realize this thread is almost 3 years old....
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