Ladies please dont give this gift

Discussion in 'General' started by JoshTheRipper, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Ladies man I have to rip on a gift sooo hard that my girl gave me. A non fog shower mirror. I know it is the thought that counts but wtf. I dont use a mirror in the shower cause I dont need one as dont many men. Now i have to have it in the shower and act like I do use it even though i dont. We men only want one thing for our birthdays . . . to not be looking for another woman so please dont give this gift.
  2. Wtf, can you send it to me? Those things are awesome. The shave you get while standing in a steamy shower is fucking sweet, and a fogless mirror makes it possible. I used one for a week when I visited my mom last, and I fell in love with it, made showering and shaving much quicker... I don't know why because it's all the same amount of time, but I didn't put off the shave after I got out of the shower... I've been meaning to buy one.
  3. i am with jonsi actually, i like the mirror(or would like one)

    shaving while in the shower is so much easier/preferable than doing it anywhere else

    just my opinion though, not for everyone
  4. hey man, you givin that mirror away or what? i'll take it
  5. Sorry, I got dibs first ;)
  6. maybe she's hinting that she wants you to shave?
  7. lol hairy little man :laughing:
  8. or maybe she got it off ebay for 3.50

  9. sounds like youre the only who doesnt like it, josh. haha. ill even pay S&H if ya give it to me haha.
  10. Fuck... you get it then... lol
  11. \

  12. at least she didnt get you a bottle of this:

  13. If she gets me that, she get's this:

  14. or some of this:

  15. I have no issues scratching a vagina ;)
  16. Or you could get her a little of this:[​IMG]

    From here:[​IMG]

  17. Wow you guys are fucking great i wanted funny ass responses like this. ANd yes i do shave in the shower it is the only way i do it. Ive been doin it for so long now that i just do it in the shower by memory. THe shave in the shower is better i think she just thought it would be a good idea i get the thought and all but i have no need for it maybe my brother though or maybe of you guys but you seem to be fighting over that ahahah.
  18. those non fog mirrors dont even work. I got one with my razor and it was non fog for about a day and then just stopped working... weird. Maybe it was just a cheap one?

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