Ladies, does a bulge gross you out?

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  1. I wear tight pants with a slight flare. Not afraid to admit it. I wear them at my waist. Not afraid to admit that either. But you can definitely see my package. I don't really care. If you want to look at my dick cool. If you think it's gross, don't look. But do chicks like it? Is a big bulge like cleavage is to men?

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, see Robert Plant.
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  3. Robert Plant sure as hell grosses me out.

    Now please...
  5. maybe i have a large package, how the fuck do guys wear pants like that without hurting their boys? if my pants are too tight it gets uncomfortable down there
  6. It doesn't hurt, it's just snug. It's not like a wedgie or anything...
  7. Girls like it...I have inside info on this.......
  8. if I like what the guy looks like in general, then I be turned on seeing the bulge. But if the guy is a creep, I'll be grossed out.
  9. are you a rockstar? i might like it if you're a awesome rockstar. i usually like guys with slightly less tight pants. but i'll take tight over some baggy saggin guy any day. i guess i wouldn't mind seeing the bulge of a guy i thought was cute. i thought this thread was about stomach fat.
  10. I catch myself staring at bluges all the time. But your pants should NOT be as tight as Robert Plants... its only ok for rockstars to wear pants that tight. I hope you don't wear blouses like he does either lmao.

    On a side note: Whenever I say blouse I think of that Dave Chappelle episode where Charlie Murphy was playing basketball with Prince.

    Now back on subject: I used to smoke with this dude after (or before) school all the time. And his pants were a little bit tight and whenever we'd smoke we'd sit on the ground across from eachother with our feet on the ground so our knees were by our chests (i dont know if I'm explaining that well?) and I could ALWAYS see his bulge. I would try not to stare, but its like when a chicks tits are hanging out or her ass is fat... I just cant help it! lol
  11. ^This!

    You picked a really ugly guy to post... but I get your drift. I think its really hot. Makes me want to see more you know? If I see a hot guy and he happens to be wearing tight pants then that's just... mmm

    If its an weird dude... I would try to avoid his package and I think it would be a little creepy.
  12. Depends on whether or not you can pull off the cock look. ;)
  13. Do you ever make a division sign
  14. depends. if you're attractive then its hott. but if you're not then its kinda gross..
  15. Hey TheCrunge, I realize wearing tight pants that show off your package is appealing to ladies, do you realize that its also appealing to some Its all about the confidence!
  16. Lol i always wear sweatpants and even when i do have boxers on u can see the outline of my hanging dick outlined in the black sweatpants. My philosophy has always been...dont like it? Quit checkin it out.
  17. [quote name='"straal"']Hey TheCrunge, I realize wearing tight pants that show off your package is appealing to ladies, do you realize that its also appealing to some Its all about the confidence![/quote]

    Saggy pants is also something some men find appealing.
  18. [quote name='"LilMissPuffIt"']

    Saggy pants is also something some men find appealing.[/quote]

    In jail...
  19. [quote name='"Easy Going"']

    In jail...[/quote]

    And then they get out of jail.. and still see guys sagging.. and still like it.

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