Lacking Motivation (not caused by weed)

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  1. I'm pretty much unreliable. I'm broke and angry with myself. Overall not happy in general. This is a cycle. It leads to being suicidal atleast once or twice a month, regrouping and then the cycle repeats. Week after week. Month after month. I can't seem to catch my balance. I plan ahead and prioritize and try to make things better. I'll line up places to go look for jobs, make to-do lists, really try and budget and get my finances right. Ever since high school ended and the real world started it's been really confusing. I'm not trying to say i'm the only one. These are things we all experience. but what do some of yall do to pull yourself out of these ruts and garner some sort of motivation? i'm looking for any new idea.

  2. Man life's worth more than a bit of debt or whatever, don't worry and just look at the positives in life, there's always good things going on you're just not necessarily seeing them for what they are.
  3. Do things you enjoy, socialize, keep looking for work. Manufacturing and warehouse jobs are always hiring (sometimes immediate hire because people are always quitting due to long hours) and typically pay $9+/hr. Some are immediate hire, but almost all of them will drug test. I recommend looking on craigslist and for jobs.

    Stay on top of your game. Resist when your mind is doing something you don't want it to. Kinda go outside of your mind and just take the actions you need to take to reach a goal and don't give up, keep a strong, steady belief that you'll succeed.
  4. i've exasperated all temp agency jobs in my area. I am currently getting back into the swing of things this week. I have a really good boss that lets me work when I want, and not work when im under the weather. & that's 12/hr but only about 30 hours a week. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. Staying negative won't bring me out of anything.

  5. Self sabotage; I did it for 7 years man and strangely am a better person because of it, funny how that shit works.

    I think this video would be gray for you, it's all about killing laziness and talks about motivation. Watched it a couple of weeks ago and really put things into perspective. Watch it and let me know how it goes! Only a couple minutes long as well.
  7. Computers are black holes and we all get sucked in at some point...try to catch yourself on the way out of pulling yourself together. Direct sunlight also helps if you find your skin to be supersensitive when not indoors looking at a glaring screen. Weed alone can't make your day brighter unless you go see the source of real light. LCD hypnopaedia is largely invested in televised communications and networked solutions to keeping you at home, and it is more thought out than you should be able to comprehend. Try to consume less mass media and focus on what you want out of your time spent. Feel well and shit well too [​IMG]
  8. Story of my life. Thank god I have a good gf in my life to keep me motivated man because I've been in a slump every since high school ended in 2011 barley got my drivers l this year I'm starting to grow up so much this year and I actually opened a savings account and I haven't spent shit from it which is a fucking blessing . U just have to think about the future do u wanna be a lazy fuck for the next 3 year life's to short to sit around waiting and waiting u gotta just do what u have to do and no one can make u happy except for u .I'm buzzing so none of this may not make sense but I hope I helped a little and thanks for this post, glad I also got to vent a little
  9. Even though you mentioned that its not cause of weed, maybe you should cut back a bit. Just to get yo affairs in order.

    Also if your a chronic masturbator, cut back on that too. Youll find energy to get things done
  10. Just remember that no condition or situation is ever permanent. Here is the absolute worst case scenario for you in any given situation: You die and move on to the next phase of existence. If you can peace with this simple truth, nothing can bother you.

    It is also, in my experience, very related to faith. If you truly believe that everything will work out -- I mean TRULY believe, don't just lie to yourself in your head, you have to FEEL it -- 95% of the time it does. The other 5% are variables that you can directly affect. So when look at the bigger picture, everything in your life is 100% up to you. Don't react to reality, impose your dreams on it and make them happen!
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    I'm not lazy I'm relaxed A Lot....

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