Lack of things to say on shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by xericx, May 16, 2006.

  1. Well last night me and this girl that I like ate 2 grams of shrooms each and then went for a walk. As the trip started and we were walking down the street I noticed we had nothing to say to each other. We went to the park with hardly saying a word, just a few random comments. I startd to feel really akward and felt that she didnt want to talk to me and thought she was like totally turned off. The rest of the night didnt go much better, we just watched TV and triped out staring at the wall.

    Do you think she was turned off or was I just thinking to much on the shrooms?

  2. maybe you both dont have chemistry.. im sure if she had something to say she would've said it.
  3. Could it have been possible that you were just so out of it it seemed like you weren't talking much? Maybe if you hadn't taken them you would have talked the the same amount but not thought anything of it? I dont know.
  4. I dont know man but sometimes when i get super baked i seem to not have much to say. Maybe you were thinking too much.
  5. my heads going to fast to say anything on shroms
  6. Man i have EVERYTHING to say on shrooms.
  7. okay, so then spill the beans......what do you have to say bout shrooms> and do you know where i can get em in NEW JERSEY....i need them... NEW jersians who do shrooms let me know!!!! lol
  8. Yeah, there's really not a lack of things to say when you're on shrooms. Took an 1/8th today and had an argument about which tree looked cooler (it was a really really really really cool tree... leafy and shit).

    Could just be a lack of chemistry. Sometimes people just don't hit it off. Nothing to do in situations like that but see if she's down for a dickin'. If not just 'peace out'.

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