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  1. What would happen if i were to lace my blunt with some ecstacy?
  2. it would taste really bad, and unless it was an x pill with mostly meth in it, then nothing would happen
  3. You would be wasting mdma..... and you would get stoned.
  4. My first time taking X I smoked 2 J's with some friends right after I swallowed it. (only took half my first time and shared with a friend) No euphoria, no orgasmic touching feelings, Only sweating a lot and not feeling my face. and we smoked more weed as I came down and didnt help, didnt get high, and the next day my head hurt like motherfuckin hell like I had a bad hangover (which I never get from drinking) and smoking weed the next day didnt help, the hydrocodone I took though helped me sleep.

    I still have 1 X pill I have yet to take (waiting for right moment, and to get some weed to smoke on the come down)
  5. what she said.
  6. Why would u rather do that then smoke the blunt and pop the thizz?
  7. what would happen if you did the X, waited for it to peak some, and faced that blunt?

  8. It would taste like shizzzit and you would destroy MDMA.
  9. You would inhale pot smoke and potentially carcinogenic fragments of many MDMA molecules.
    This next part is all hypothetical and to the best of my knowledge untested, I wrote this and all I have is an 11th grade education, and no lab experience at all, this is all based on other peoples observations of various other substances attempt at your own risk
    that being said

    If you want to smoke MDMA, you would need pulverize a pill and put the powder in a water lye mixture with about 2 ph. Mix that with naptha or some other nonpolar organic solvent and let the freebase MDMA molecule get pulled into the solvent. Evaporate the solvent and you will have pure freebase MDMA (assuming the pill is legit) in either an oil or sticky gum like form, not sure wich for MDMA. now use about 1/4 of 1 pill per person smoking that blunt to lace a blunt, since smoking is more effective than eating and freebase chemicals are WAY more potent, smoking 1/4 a pill freebase should give you the hardest roll you have ever experienced for only 3-4 hours.
  10. why not take the x and smoke the blunt while you are rolling....

    that sounds like a MUCH better idea than smoking something you are supposed to pop and let digest in your stomach. but thats just me....

  11. I second that. Just pop the pill and face the blunt.
  12. there are binders in pills that are terrible for you to smoke. definitely just smoke the bud after you peak
  13. drop then smoke the j on the peak..
  14. Maan I like to wait for the bean to kick in, then when Im feelin good as hell, I smoke that weed. Sets you off right mane.
  15. nah get smashed then drop then you dont think about wen its gonna kick then outa no where u realise ur dingin nuts then slog some cones down
  16. Just because a chemical is in a base form doesn't mean that it will vaporise before heat destroys it, as far as i know there is no way of smoking mdma

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