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  1. Okay, so here's the thing.....

    I bought an eighth of what supposedly is TRAINWRECK, and the dealer is dumping this out at 10 bucks a gram. When I smoked it, though, I felt like a happy kind of high. Like a really good high. Definitely body high as well, but I was a little more talkative and could carry on conversations a lot more efficiently than when I'm usually stoned. It was kind of similar to the first time I experienced the high. A friend of mine, who is good friends with the guy I got it from, said it was laced with coke, which is why we were feeling kinda happy and upbeat, although stoned (she also said "that's what trainwreck usually is").

    The guy who sold it to me is someone I don't know very well, but he's a friend of a friend. He is definitely a meth user though, and he knows I know he does it fairly often. He does sell a lot of drugs, but he was selling this bud for 10 a gram, which is dirt cheap, especially for trainwreck. This also looks, smells, and feels like an extremely potent strain. My roommate and I rolled a J and the whole roach was just pure super super sticky resin.

    To me, it wouldn't make sense for this bud to be laced with meth, or even coke for that matter. I know that laced bud would be really expensive, and probably NEVER 10 bucks a gram. And I assume that if he knew it was laced with anything, he'd tell me. But could my all-happy experience be only due to the fact that it was trainwreck? Or could it have been laced? With what, possibly?

    What do you guys/gals all know about trainwreck?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by this noob!
  2. I doubt it was laced... good coke can be very expensive... like, the good blow I can get around here is 65/pr gram. You wouldn't find weed laced with blow for 10/gram (at least, it is VERY unlikely). It wasn't laced with Meth - trust me, you'd know if it was.

    Although, just be careful buying off that guy. I'm familiar with tweakers... and most tweakers and tweakees are quite shady.
  3. u prob smoked raid
  4. I doubt it was laced with coke or anything like that. Most people mention that they feel really jumpy and jittery when on that, and their heartbeat skyrockets.
  5. Highly doubtful it was coke, seeing as how GOOD blow goes for $100-$150 per/G around here, I can find cheaper, but it's kind of a luck game of finding it. Also, it's doubtful he was lacing it with crank, unless he's making it, because he wouldn't have much of a profit. It's probley just good bud, just smoke it up.

  6. I doubt he would lace weed with coke and sell it $10 a gram. And even if he did its not that big of a deal. In order for cocaine to be effective when smoked is to cook it into crack. Though it does give a kinda different high when it is smoked. It sounds to me like you had some good bud
  7. if it was laced with meth you could tell it wasnt just weed, its kinda of a good expeirence but you easily go over your max and feel like shit
  8. isn't trainwreck a downer? at least in my experience

  9. Lol what's with everyone around here and raid. I doubt anyones every smoked raid too.
  10. I absolutely the strain trainwreck, its one of my top 5. In my experience with several purchases of trainwreck, I had about two where it felt like more of a mind high. But, I fell in love with the couchlock version of it.
  11. Who would want to waste their drugs by lacing weed? (Something I always told my mom.) If I dealt weed I wouldn't waste coke by lacing it. I'd sell the weed and sell the coke seperate. Good coke here (Denver, CO) goes for $40 - $50 per gram. It's just a waste.

    Although I'm new on the forums, I know quite a few people in Denver that I've learned from.

    Laced weed = the 60's, 70's and 80's, maybe the 90's if someone was fucking dumb and wasteful.

    < flame>
  12. Cocoa Puffs.
  13. Trainwreck is a sativa dominant plant, probably different from what you were used to. They have a more clear, energetic like high.

    Only way to go if I have to do work :smoking:

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