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Laced weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Milk34, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I'm pretty new to smokinng, I have been smoking one year, this dude thati trust referred me to a dealer and he sold me this stuff, the guy was really nice and the bud itself smelled really dank, but whenever I smell it my chest kinda hurts and my nose burns a bit, also I put it on my tongue and my tongue felt a little tingly, I just need reassurance, I have horrible anxiety which is why i smoke sometimes, btw I paid 65 dollars for it and it was 7 grams is it laced or something?
  2. Dude its prolly not laced. A lot of bud has a strong smell that can sometimes be uncomfortable on the nose... Your good, just smoke that shit already!
  3. To be honest I've been smoking for the past 3 years and have never come across laced weed, I'm sure yours is fine and if u did purchase it from a reliable person then your golden.
  4. dealers usually dont sell laced weed- if people found out, theres plenty of other dealers to put him out of buisiness
  5. okay thanks, its just a get hella paronoid sometimes, else I ate a stem and my stomach started to hurt that's normal tho right?
  6. Why did you eat a stem? I've never had one so I can't say.. but I imagine it could hurt, poking you and shit.

    If you have an anxiety problem then you're probably like me and you just overthink things... I think I can see glass in all my bud, that every new piece will have something toxic on it/in it, etc.

    Instead of trying to justify your thoughts, fight your thoughts, whatever you do... just laugh at yourself for getting so worked up/paranoid over stuff and let it go... don't try to fight it, it just reinforces it in your mind and makes the anxiety worse.

    And the only drug I've heard of that would make your tongue tingly wouldn't make your nose burn, and it also would be too expensive to be wasting on some bud.
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    Why does everyone assume that their weed is laced?

    Why would your dealer go and buy this weed and then go buy an even more expensive narcotic to lace your weed with? Think about it, this guy wouldn't be making any money. The only time i've seen laced weed is when someone specifically requested for it to be laced with something.
  8. "Lacing" weed costs extra money due to the fact it requires another one would do that cuz it ruins the point of selling weed(to make profit)...i would imagine the only time people get laced weed is from friends that are trying to fuck with them on purpose
  9. thanks guys
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    Exactly what I was going to say. Some bud I have smoked and am currently smoking makes my mouth tingle.

    I can only think of one sure safe way to lace weed and that's by selling shit weed broken up and mixing oregano and stuff in with the shake! You've got to be pretty ghetto to be buying that shit. The people that do by dirt weed you won't even find in these forums! Lol

    The more you smoke the less anxious you will be. Just don't smoke crack or you will be propping up 2x4's against your door. ;)

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