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Discussion in 'General' started by Neo of WNEC, Feb 28, 2004.

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  1. Anyone get laced weed?

    I\'ve had it twice now, neither time was \"bad\" but one time I was stuck driving, and I definately didn\'t wanna be driving.

    Is there a way to tell what it was laced with? I don\'t use many hallucinogenic drugs, and I use them very very rarely. This one was way weaker than shrooms, but kicked in SUPER fast.
  2. well for the msot part weed isn\'t laced with much...most stuff isn\'t cheaper than weed and nobody in their right mind would lace something cheap with something more expensive... its usually cheap opium (rarely)...salvia divinorum (very common and steadily increasing)...and meth (but if you cant tell your weeds laced when meth is in it then you need some glasses)

    what you smoked, did the plateau only last for a few minutes then begin to go back down? long was the \"trip\"? may never know what it was unless you go get a drug test..and then you still may never know
  3. ive also heard of ketamine being used, and then there are the \"chems\" 5-meo-dimethyltryptamine (dmt and the likes) 2cb 2ci etc. etc. so hard to tell
  4. Well, after the first hit (literally about 3 or 4 seconds after inhaling it) I practically lost all sight, everything was incredibly bright (we were smoking in pitch black on an old country road with no street lights, on the moon) and then 10 seconds later everything was back to normal... well, I thought it was normal.

    Things were kind of swimmy, and I instantly fell back against my car and was completely sure that the road was tilting upwards so I was now laying on the sid eof the car... if you can understand that. My friend looked like he was standing on a wall (the road), passed me the pipe again, and I hit it again.

    At first I just thought I was getting incredibly high. But when it came to getting back into my car, I absolutely could not figure out ANYTHING.

    At first I put the key into an air vent and cracked it when I turned the key. But I thought for sure the car had started. So I hit the headlights and started to \"drive away.\" My friend was still locked out of the car (he later told me, he thought I was driving away too) and was yelling to get in.

    So I put in the e-brake (mind you the keys were still locked in an air vent) and unlocked his door. He FELL into the car. He didn\'t climb in and sit down. And undid the e-brake he YELLED at me to drive.

    I started \"driving\" but he made a comment that the end of the road wasn\'t getting any closer. So we started flipping out. I \"stopped\" the car, and put the e-brake on again.

    My friend was convinced that we had gotten pulled over. Turns out he was yelling at me to drive, cause he thought there was a cop car behind us. So he grabbed my resitration out of my glove box, and I got my license out (after dropping my wallet, and not being able to find it).

    And waited...

    And waited...

    Finally, my friend told me he was gona \"check it out.\" I told him not to get out of the car, so he said he\'d just look out the back window (why hadn\'t I thought of that!?). He reported that the cop had left.

    We decided to look for the tracksof the car. Promptly fell out of the car (all sense of coordination was completely gone, dissociative?) and then the hallucinations hit me. I really really did see tracks. But I couldn\'t erase them. I was trying to kick dirt on them, but they wouldn\'t go away. My friend said there weren\'t any, and that he probably just imagined the cop.

    But I was convinced, so I said we should leave. Hoped back into the car. Couldn\'t find my keys (still in the air vent), and freaked out. My friends said maybe when we were looking for the tracks someone took the keys. It made perfect sense at the time.

    Luckily I spotted them in the air vent. Twisted them to start the car, and broke a piece of plastic off. My friend told me basically how to work the keys, and I got the car started. My car is a standard, its all i know how to drive, so we left. And started to drive on back roads.

    Well, after about 5 minutes I had no idea I was even driving, luckily \"pinball playing\" coincides with driving. Yes, that\'s right... I thought I was playing pinball. I didn\'t actually remember this until my friend reminded me not long ago of it. He asked me what I was doing, and I replied \"playing a mean game of pinball.\"

    He turned on the radio, but it was all wrong sounding, so he turned it off. I still dunno if this was the drug, or if it was something with the radio. Then my friend started laughing at me... HARDCORE. He couldn\'t stop.

    I asked him if I had anything on my face, he said \"no.\" I asked him what was so funny, and he said I was. I asked him what he meant, and he said he could just feel it. He could feel that I was a really funny guy, and that was enbough to make him laugh.

    I started laughing too, for whatever reason, and as I laughed, my friend\'s face seemed to melt. not really. It looked the same, but it seemed so wierd, so distant. I felt like saying \"you can\'t possibly be [friend\'s name].\"

    It was about this time that I had to decide if I should get on a major road, and head home, or just keep driving. All of a sudden, I got this feeling I was being watched. Not by people, or aliens, or ghosts, or anything.

    I was being watched by a giant eye!

    I could see the eye sometimes between trees, sometimes it was in the car. It was sometimes huge, and sometimes tiny. I told my friend, and he took it like no big deal saying: \"Of course, man, he\'s always looking out for us.\"

    It kind of made me feel better. And I had this feeling that I wanted to always please this giant eye. I wanted to make sure it thought I was a good person, and I wanted to be a good person for this eye. (Only now as I write this do i see how close to religion this is)

    I decided to let my friend drive as he was having an easier time coping with what was going on. It wasn\'t that I was having a bad time, but it was more that I was having a hard time making sense, and my mind was wondering everywhere.

    He took us on some backroads near some party he said his girlfriend was at. All i can remember of this whole section of the trip was asking him about \"Toy soldiers.\" He thinks I meant that the people outside at the party looked like toy soldiers, I don\'t know, maybe I did.

    Finally, he pulls up at \"my house.\" And parks. I look around and say: \"We can\'t stay here\" And he said why not? And I told him it wasn\'t my house.

    It turns out we were miles and miles and miles from my house. We were at least 3 or 4 cities away, and got there on backroads. This was at least an hour and a half drive. I had no idea where we were.

    But my friend said he could get us back. I guess at this point I had more of a stoned feeling. I could at least feel my body. A total of about 3 hours maybe. And I finally hit the sack.

    Any thoughts?
  5. weird...that cancels a lot of things out..sounds very similar to a lower to mid level phencyclydine trip...the duration seems about right for it and such...i think you may have smoked a little pcp..proably not very good to drive on
  6. is there any drug you DONT know of nubbin?
  7. Actually, yeah, someone else said it might have been PCP. I just don\'t know much about it to verify it or deny it. So, I\'ll go with that then.

    Very pleasureable.
  8. if it kicked in that fast it might be DMT ..its supposed to kick in so quick that u might fall over it make u trip alot too ,.,dunno never tried it
  9. Huh... I\'ve never even heard of DMT... and it was definately fast. It was before I exhaled that I felt it hit.
  10. I doubt it was dmt, he woulda just had one long hallucination then. I\'ve had weed laced with both lsd and coke though what you experienced doesn\'t really fit with my experiences with either of those... maybe you just had some really amazing weed or it\'s laced with somethin I cant think of
  11. lol well whatever it was it sure sounded fun with the big eye n all. hey does it really matter u had fun sooo its just another story to tell.
  12. Well yeah it matters!!

    I might try to get some to lace my weed with from now on!!
  13. If it was PCP, then you shouldn\'t really be doing, and definetly not often. PCP really isn\'t good for you. I would never try it thats for sure.
  14. Oh... well, like I said... I\'ve never heard of PCP.
  15. \"Huh... I\'ve never even heard of DMT... and it was definately fast. It was before I exhaled that I felt it hit.\"

  16. I\'ve had laced weed twice:

    1- It wasn\'t enough to totally overpower the weed high, but it was noticably different. At the peak, my vision was shaky, the room seemed to vibrate back and forth. Then I felt really, really out of it. There was some kind of music beat on TV, and I tried to go \"bum bum\" with it, but was apparently way off, since someone jokingly said \"uh, you\'re a little off there\". When people would talk to me, I had a really hard time responding. I could hear what they were saying, and knew they were saying it to me, but something just didn\'t click. When I responded it felt like I was \"talking blind\", saying what I thought was right, but not sure if it really was. From the stories I\'ve read on Erowid, my guess is that it was PCP, but maybe NuBBiN can tell me for sure. Also, in Training Day when Jake (Ethan Hawke) smoked the PCP-weed, the way it effected him kinda seemed similiar.

    2- I know it was cocaine, and it was pretty straightforward. Just kind of active and alert feeling.
  17. Bah...

    Stoner mistake! DMT.. PCP... CAT... POP...

    They\'re all combinations of three letters of the English alphabet...
  18. Yeah, Red...

    I can definately identify to that kind of talking style you mentioned. The whole concept of speaking was pretty ridiculous. I may have bet hit a bit harder by it than you (for whatever reason) because my speech was slurred sometimes it felt like I was choking to talk.

    As far as that music thing... its cool you could find a beat AT ALL :) The stuff I was listening to sounded like bagpipes... Ick...

    And no... we don\'t have any local bagpipe stations.
  19. in my opinion it deffinitly sounds like some dmt got in there...

    Good stuff, (if your prepared for it) kicks in very very very fast, with in seconds, moderatly stong visuals and not much on taste when smoked... plus, Dmt is very strong so its a very low doseage drug, anywhere from 10-25 mg will do wonders ( if im not mistaken).... the high (when smoked) is also kinda short ranging from about 5-20 mins usually, with some slight spurring after effects....

    Honestly, i wouldn\'t even sweat it if you enjoyed it, didn\'t seem to do much damage... so go with the flow, could of been anything, because every substance effetcs everyone differently.....
  20. no, theres no way it would have been DMT guys, the stuff lasts all but 5-20 minutes with the plateau at around 5-10 minutes..after effects only about an hour afterwards...

    nobody has ever had weed laced with acid, because the chemical structure of it is so sensative it would break down on the slightest contact with flame..and if someone HAS put lsd on weed they should be spanked with a wet noodle for being such wasteful bastards...

    it was most likwely PCP because of a few reasons:

    -its a smokable drug
    -its CHEAP (hence many people commonly lacing weak weed with it)
    -it gives all the hallucinogenic and dissociative effects for that duration of time that he mentioned..

    im about 80% positive it was PCP, and im only leaving 20% leway because theres always the odd chance it was some designer drug that ive never heard of..but its highly doubtful...if it were DMT his trip wouldn\'t have lasted several hours, he would never have been able to drive (its just not possible..barely possible on PCP at that) and he wouldn\'t have been able to move..DMT gives a very distinct paralyzing effect on the body, with \"under the skin\" muscle \"vibrations\" and DMT smells and tastes like burning rubber or plastic and either has a crystaline powder \"salt\" appearance which would stand out somewhat in weed or it looks like dirt (sometimes its more crudely extracted from natural plant sources)

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