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Laced weed....(Beasters)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DavidH, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Picked up an O of some Beasters 2 days ago, $300. Looked great, smelled good. I was happy. It looked super-super crystally. Very dank, with a white tint.

    Went home, put a gram through the a TON of kief. Light green, noticeably lighter than other kief. Rolled up a blunt, got stoned as fuck. After this, I decide to pack up a bong with some kief on top.

    Spark up the bong, and the kief starts sizzling and popping as it ignites. What the fuck, that's weird. Roll another blunt later. This one burns a little funny, and doesn't really ash right. When the blunt burns, you can hear the weed fizzing and crackling.

    So I go to the kief in the grinder...wet my finger, get a nice dab on my fingertip, and put it on my tongue....

    Ew. This doesn't taste right. Definitely not how kief should taste. I can feel something...reacting in my mouth, that's really the only way to describe it. Everyone else gives it a try, the word everyone agrees on is chemical.

    I personally think there is baking soda on the weed. Like someone mixed water and baking soda and dipped their buds in it, or sprayed their plants before they harvested.

    I tried to get at the guy who sold it to me...he stopped responding when I asked about the bud, and hasn't answered his phone. I know the guy too, and I don't think he would dick me. I'm inclined to think that he didn't know about it either, but I guess you never really know.

    I'll try to get pics up soon. Crazy shit, never thought I would come across some laced weed...not from a reliable dealer anyways.
  2. Sorry to hear it.
  3. soap?

    some people use soap and water and spray that shit.
  4. I have been posting over and over how my weed will sparkle and sizzle.
    I know the shit aint right, I tell my friends and they hate when I mention it, I guess they ignore the fact their shit sizzle aswell. I dont know what the fuck but I've kinda gotten used to it now.
    I dont know man.. I just dont know
  5. David, if you dont mind me asking where you live?
    I'm in Houston, Texas and its as if I cant get bud that doesnt sizzle/crackle anymore.
  6. Just be a dick and resell it, and if you start feeling sick go kick his head in.

    My only 'laced' experience was someone spraying it with Febreeze to make it heavier. I don't even mind since most dealers do it, but they use water like sane people.
  7. I have had but that kind of crackles before when I ignite it, someone told me that the plant was not properly flushed before it was harvested. But your shit sounds way different, that sucks man I hope shit works out.
  8. Ive had bud like this before, we called it fireworks bud. One really strange thing I remember about that weed was that when we rolled a blunt of it it was hard to ash, and after a while I let the ash get like an inch long and you could hold the blunt by the ash. I went through a half ounce of it and never saw bud like it again. It got me high and I didnt cough up blood or anything.
  9. yuck.

    dude, one time I got some weed, and it was laced with Angel Dust. Fucking crazy mexicanos. They didn't warm me... and damn. I was lit up for like three days off of a couple bong hits. I as like wtf... it was just a big dream. Lucky those guys were mexican mafia... otherwise I would have said something. Instead I just never bought from that dude again.

    Just don't buy from that dealer any more. That's about all I can suggest.

  10. Holy shit :eek:

    And resin goes snap, crackle, pop when you smoke it, that might be relevant.
  11. I assure you its not resin thats making fireworks in my bowl.

  12. lmfao
  13. pwned
  14. I dipped a bud in water and let it dry out

    It seems to have helped.
  15. David, do you mind me asking where you live? And if you could please read all my posts thanks. Im really concearned about this. Wanna know if its in a certain area or just everywhere, knowm sayn..

  16. It might help you to know that fizzing and crackling is typical of weed that was improperly flushed of its fertilizers and nutrients. This will also add a significant "chemical" taste to the plant.
    Before harvest, the grower is supposed to give his plant a lot of pure water for a few days in order to clean the plant of all the fertilizers. When its not done right, theres still alot of ferts in the plant, and it will crackle and snap when you burn it.

    Keep that in mind, it may not be the case with your stuff, someone may have actually laced it with something to make it look better.
  17. Yeah, I had that same type of experience with beasters here in New Hampshire. Probably because those Vietnamese growers in northern British Columbia don't know how to flush there weed.
  18. This was a thought that I had-but the way the kief was looking, and especially how it smoked after just being rinsed off, I'm pretty sure it was coated with something.

    But this is definitely true. It could just be a shitty grower rather than laced weed, so you shouldn't say shit(at least, don't accuse) unless you know!

    I did talk to my dealer about it today though, he didn't have anything to do with it, like I figured. Just copped from a different dude whom he doesn't know as well, so that'll definitely happen.

    Be safe y'all keep tokin....:smoking:
  19. I have a friend who lives over in the UK and we talk occasionally on instant messenger. He bought a sack once that looked like it had glass in the bud.

    Needless to say he didn't smoke any of it. Some dealers are just assholes who don't give a shit about their customers. These people should be avoided at all costs and hopefully they will get weeded out by other dealers.

    Pun fully intentional, of course. :cool:

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