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Discussion in 'General' started by head4life, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. Just wondering when smoking blunts laced with coke or smoking weed laced with coke is it ok to hold your hits in or is it really bad for you?
  2. it doesn't matter with coke but i wouldn't ever lace a blunt with anything else, the amount of coke that actually gets to your lungs is pretty small. Well maybe like opium would be cool. I remember getting fucked up of blunts that I laced with coke, but I haven't done it in at least 6 months or a year.
  3. I thought that lacing bud with coke didn't do anything? Maybe I misread it.
  4. That's what people will tell you sometimes, but anyone who has actually done it knows that it fucks you up. Seriously just try it you will definitely know the difference. Smoking coke is very inefficient but the effects are definitely there.
  5. Smoking a blunt laced with cocaine (stank, dirty) is usually done with regs. The sand takes away the bad taste of the regs and gives you an uppity high.
  6. That's what people will tell you when they have ANY FUCKING KNOWLEDGE ABOUT COCAINE, and that's it's a waste of blow. You're better off putting it in your nose, or rocking it up and then smoking it, otherwise, it's %5 effect, 95% placebo, and %100 waste of your white stuff.

    Don't be dumb. Do some homework.
  7. When you lace weed with coke you use even less than a little bump, everybody knows that you don't snort coke and smoke at the same time. Fuck this guy he thinks he knows everything about drugs.. lace a blunt with coke and you will know the difference. Placebo my ass. You can even freebase a little coke and feel effects so go fuck yourself dude. If you have ever tried it then you would know it makes your face numb.. that's not a placebo.
  8. Post reported for yet another descent into immaturity.

    Now, on to real discussion..

    1)Yeah, you can snort coke and smoke at the same time. It's combining drugs, and I don't know who you hang out with, but this "everybody knows" shit without any sources is just making you look less credible...

    2)I don't think I know everything, but I obviously know more than you- You have to turn coke into crack cocaine in order for it not to be a waste- I didn't say there wasn't any effect, I said there was a very small amount. Otherwise, like I originally said, it's a waste. Why do you get so mean when someone says you're wrong? Honestly, it's an internet forum, learn some grace and humility. The majority of the members of GC who are educated about the substances they consume will tell you that smoke cocaine is basically pointless, even with the minimal effects it provides.

    3)I have tried it, and, as I've said before, it doesn't do much, if anything at all, and it's a waste.


    4)And yeah, that's me about a year ago. What does that have to do with anything in this debate? Not a fucking thing.

    Grow up dude.
  9. Have you ever done coke? Smoking and doing coke will result in a waste of both highs... Coke and weed are drugs you DON'T mix. Unless you're crashing and you smoke. You can't deny that it doesn't work if you have done it, it makes your face numb for fucks sake. Who the fuck do you think you are saying all this shit drying to disprove everyone? You quoted wikipedia as your "source" haha, wikipedia is not a source anybody can put shit on there. Cite all the sources you want, you're wrong.

    I probably have more knowledge and experience with cocaine than you.
  10. *sigh* So instead of coming up with a good argument, all you can do is say "you're wrong" over and over and over, in different ways. Wikipedia is regulated, and is therefor a valid source.

    And that's ok- You live in the dark ages and keep your chosen ignorance, I'll stick with valid things like scientific evidence.

    I think I'm someone who has the right to show people what's true and what's not. Real fact from opinion and placebo. I'm not trying to disprove people- I'm disproving myth and legend which ignorant people still choose to hold on to even in the face of scientific proof and evidence.

    In essence, don't get mad at me because your information and opinion is essentially inaccurate in accordance with science. And again- I never said there were no effects at all. I said it was ineffective and waste, there are minimal effects, i.e., the possibility of your face going numb... But you're arguing against something I'm not saying- I'm not saying there are no effects, I'm saying it's a fucking waste. the only reason I can see you have left to argue is just contentiousness.

    This isn't a dick measuring contest. Again, grow up.
  11. How about we both just relax?

    Jimi001, if you have both smoked and snorted cocaine, you have to agree that snorting it is a much more efficient way to get high off of it. I've done them both, and while I agree that smoking cocaine can have an effect, it's not nearly as strong as snorting it, and therefore is (to some people) a waste of cocaine.

    XPiperX already agreed that there can be an effect;
    So unless you're trying to argue that smoking it is just as efficient as snorting it (in which case I'd have to strongly disagree) then why are we still arguing?
  12. It's kinda funny to see you all calling names and trying to act all mature...... over coke. That's sad. You are all bragging about your knolige and use of one of the dumbest drugs you can take, are you into public humiliation or something?

  13. And there are some people who would think you are an idiot for bragging about your knowledge of weed. Different strokes for different folks, dude. :rolleyes:

  14. I know what you mean, but even doctors say my drug of choice has health benefits. Coke is dangerous, addictive, and expensive, by all counts. yay for snorting gasoline and formaldahyde.

    And I don't brag about my knowledge of weed, I've been smoking for under a year, altho I do admit to smoking much more than most people in their first year. I never said I was any expert.
  15. We're not debating the danger of the drug or the ingredients- We're debating most effective method of consumption. I'm sure Jimi is just as aware as I am of the dangers, except smoking cocaine, in ANY form, is so much worse for you..
  16. That's exactly why I think this guy is such a loser, he goes around and tries to attack people and pretend like he knows soo much about drugs. Wtf dude give it up. I never have NEVER had a problem with anybody on this forum until your ass.

    There's no arguement that coke is more efficient if you snort it that's fucking common sense, but if you sprinkle a little bit on your weed then you will feel the effects I don't give a shit what this guy says. This guy always has an attitude like he's the fucking drug god and everybody else is inferior to him, and frankly I'm not going to let somebody talk to me like that.

    Twice now in this thread you have chosen to be directly disrespectful to another member. This is your one warning Jimi, cool it or you'll face a ban - TokinBlue
  17. dear lord

    can people just chill?

    I just got em cause there wernt any sacks last night and all he had was laced blunts and they have a good bit of coke in em yes snorting is better but smoking it works too

    and yeah its mids I got 4 coke laced blunts for 20 he sells them for 10 a pop most fo the tim so yeah I bought em for the fuck of it
  18. You whine too much... Can't you just accept being proven wrong with some humility and move on with your life? You're letting some asshole (me) on the internet that you don't even know piss you off this bad?

    Like I've said before, underlying personal problems man.. Should get those checked.

    You've already shown how inept you are at the simple task of reading, because in every one of my posts, I've said there are minimal effects, but overall it's a waste.


  19. EVERYONE needs to chill the fuck out. We're all blades here, and getting along is what we should be doing.

    I've smoked laced blunts with coke. Here's MY experiences with free-base and coke in blunts:

    Laced in blunts: I've felt it in blunts, but NOT AS STRONG. Definatly some effects from it.

    Obviously snorting it would produce stronger effects because it can get directly into the blood stream quicker, and in larger quantity.

    On a side note, Flaming eachother will only get you banned. Just man up and admit that it's dumb, apologize and shake hands. Saying " I know its wrong but... ( He's an idiot, retard, etc...) only makes it worse.
  20. I'm done- I proved my point and it's not worth the aggravation or possible ban if I continue in this.

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