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LA to shut down MMJ dispensaries...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tripace, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. yay, now LA can deal with more crime and more poverty!

    say 10 people at every MMJ shop = 9,000 unemployed instantly.

    how these people get into power is beyond me... and when you respond with money, how they get the money is beyond me.
  2. There are some cartels bosses drinking champagne and smoking cigars tonight celebrating this news.
  3. Now aint that the truth. I bet that they have fat outdoor grows going right now too... To bad, I hope they do really realize how much they are helping the black market by shutting the more controlled version of everything down.
  4. I hate the LA city council. I hope law suites put a stop to this ban just like 2 years ago. I swear this is the 3rd or forth time in the past 5 years I have read this exact same story.
  5. I hope the mmj community really raises hell about this.
  6. Oh they will. just wait

    LA is so dense that so many people that actually need the meds will have to drive further
  7. This is not surprising have you seen the news out of LA? They are self destructing with their idiotic policies. Businesses are leaving and so are the middle and wealthy class. LA is going to resemble a third world country soon. In many areas it already does. So of course they would ban medical marijuana they are absolute idiots especially Villagorosa or whatever the Mayors name is.
  8. Got bad economy? Ban m0ar businesses!

  9. Don't panic folks - ASA will not allow this to happen. I guarantee that they're already in the process of suing the pants off of the City Council who has done nothing but FUCK THIS UP from day one. Not only that but similar bans in other California Cities have already been overturned by the appeals court, this one will as well.

    Besides it's JUST for Los Angeles City, there's plenty of other cities around the LA area that will still have dispensaries.

    It's not over yet.
  10. They have ruled on this at State level already, and determined that outright bans by cities on dispensaries are a violation of intent on 215, which is not enforceable under law.

    There are no cities in California allowed to outright ban dispensaries, they just keep doing it, or trying to, because that's what insane people do, they keep repeating the same motion, hoping for a different result, I guess.

    As for everyone in LA, under threat from the law, well, it's another day in the salt mine. They are under threat everyday.
  11. The LA City Council seems to think that because their ban includes a provision for up to THREE people to form a collective that they'll be exempt from being overturned. I do believe they're sadly mistaken
  12. Did every1 here the growers in the Emerald Triangle just let out a BIG "HELL YES!!!!!" Their profit margin just shot up about 125%. Legal= Low $$ per lb, Illegal=High$$$$ per lb.
  13. LA can't do that, it's in violation of state law. They may try but it will be overturned.
  14. 14 people just cut off medical supply for one of the biggest cities in the country.....wth

  15. Their cartel contributers were upset about no longer controlling their monopoly over the mj trade in that area. :rolleyes:

  16. I know democracy is such a stupid system of government. :mad:
  17. [quote name='"5e3deluxe"']LA can't do that, it's in violation of state law. They may try but it will be overturned.[/quote]

    If the state can illegally ignore federal law then the city can illegally ignore state law.

  18. Uh, no they can't...
  19. [quote name='"Thunder Struck"']

    Uh, no they can't...[/quote]

    They just did?

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