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    • im growing soil using fox farms ocean forest
    • two 100watt cfl's for now
    • im using the same closet set up as my last grow its not the best and dont have actual rh and temps but it worked last time so wth give it a shot and try some new things along the way
    • 6.8
    • for veg i will be using fox farm grow big and for flowering i will be using fox farms tiger bloom
    • ok well like i said this is my second grow first was bagseed(think it was train wreck... not a big fan but it got me pretty stoned for the lil sample i got its curing right now...this grow is la confidential so this should be a good one i hope... im using compleatly diff soil and nutes than befor befor i was using scotts potting soil and dr earth bud and bloom booster... thats about it im posting this in grow journals to just to start my journal


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  1. Nice man! the seedlings look healthy. I just germed a Cheese seed and its in about the same stage as yours. I will be watching your grow. Best of luck to ya smokyeyes:hello:
  2. ok so i got a couple new pics i trans planted into its perm. home a 3.2 gallon pot...

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  3. Lookin' good, man. Thanks for helping me out with my grow too. +rep
  4. ok so heres an update it almost a week into my second grow its la con. info on conditions in above posts heres a couple pics... not much if any vertical growth but rest is looking good...advice and comments(good and bad) welcome

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  5. Looking good man keep up the good work ...

    Regards EazyGreen ...:D
  6. thanks eazy im postin pics in a lil bit the growth in just 24 hours was crazy
  7. I like what im seein brotha keep it up!:hello:
  8. looks great man, love the strain and the setup what you plan on runnin besides the CFL?
  9. ok so here is a update with first 5 pics taken last night and the last 4 are from this mornin. still not much vertical growth but what ever at least its growing... its a week and 4 days old, its cotyledons are still super green no sign of falling off soon. oh and i forgot to tell you guys or at least i think i did well im now using 4 100 watt cfl's 2 cool and 2 soft when i go into flowering i want to use 6 to 8 soft white cfls...:smoke: oh and my stem is crooked to ???
    joke as for your question im what they call poor haha but seriously cant afoord hps or mh, so cfl is what i use i know im reducing my yeild nut its for personal and its free so its all good

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  10. Lookin good buddy. They'll really start to take off within the next week or two:hello:
  11. haha you were on mine when i was on yours haha to funny
  12. Helpin each other out is what we do in the Grass City community:smoke:
  13. notice the bent stem

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  14. you got some nice growth man, i love how plants veg off floro`s
  15. you got some nice growth man, i love how plants veg off floro`s
  16. thanks it alot better than my last grow i was using scotts potting soil and now im using fox farms ocean forest and the diffrence is crazy

  17. yeah, it took me a long time to realize your soil is the foundation of your entire garden and it you skimp on quality there youll never make up for it no matter what you give them.
  18. where did you get LA Conf. seeds at man?
  19. What if you don't use soil but go hydroponic?

    I love catching technicalities...its what i do...

    anyways, lookin good...

    (end of pointless post)

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