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LA Clubs ?'s

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bluedevil1, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. ok so i have a friend in L.A and he wants to know which club gets the best buds. also, what are some recommendations on strain selection. whats the best bud in L.A? thanks for any feedback
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    I go to 3 clubs down here in L.A.

    1. Kind Meds

    They have one of the best selections i know of
    OG Herojuana, Tahoe OG, OG x Chemdawg, plus alot more OG and chemdawg crosses

    Sour Diesel , Snowcap , Afwreck, are my favorites by far.

    all about 50 a cap, witch is bomb.

    2. Colorado Collective

    Have about 10 different kush crosses, they're different everyday. confidential, sensi star

    and alot more!

    3. DowntownNatural Caregivers
    they have a good selection , lemon diesel ,headband, master p, bubba kush,
    and some triple og crosses that are insane!

    fair prices

    message me for their location.
  3. how i envy you... and california!

  4. Nice recommendations Octomines, I haven't gone to Colorado or Downtown but Kind Meds is one of me and my friend's favorite spots for meds haha. In fact, I'm smokin on some of their OG x Chemdawg right now. Bomb indeed. :smoke:
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    i only go to CC and DNC when they have the oz specials, last week got an oz strawberry cough and pre 98 bubba for 250 each, it was crazy! I really enjoy Kind Meds alot, there almost everyday...Maybe ill see you in there sometime.. :)
  6. Nice man, that would be cool if we ran into each other haha. Those are bomb prices for the ounces, I'll have to look that up myself. :smoke:
  7. They are usually on tuesday's with a donation. Let me know when you're going down there.
  8. thank you for all the help. its lookin like cali has the best kushes which are my personal favorite strains. hopefully ill be tokin on some fire cali bud soon. + rep to oct

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